Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Arches and A Workout

Our last day in Moab we were hoping to get some hiking in but the weather wasn’t too cooperative. It was really windy so we ended up just hanging out at the visitor center at Arches National Park. The kids still had a good time.


We will be back for hiking later in the year! Next weekend I’m heading back for Red Rock Relay!

This has been my breakfast lately.

Banana toast with Almond butter will never get old.

After breakfast I headed to teach a boot camp class. If you are needing a workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat, give this a go! You will be sweating in the first round. Do 1, 2 or all 4 rounds depending on how much time you have.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and go through the three movements as fast as you can in the 10 minutes!

Here are a few movement demos from GPP YouTube page for you.

Plate Cleans


KB swings

Backward step lunges -> this demo is done OH which is great too!

Have fun!

If your curious what this babe is doing lately…

Gym Selfie—> so sue me.

GROWING!! I’m sure that I am about the same size 16 weeks pregnant with ONE baby as I was with TWO babies..

After Baylees Dance class I had a lunch date with my Dad at Plates and Palates. I love this place and haven’t been in a few weeks. It was a packed house and we ended up at a small table for two… but it all worked out.

I got to enjoy my shrimp and spinach salad.

While my Dad got to enjoy his lunch…

Baylee was snacking off his plate the whole time.. ps I really do her hair everyday.. she just pulled it out right before because she wasn’t comfortable in her car seat. And lets face it.. it ends up this way every afternoon anyway.

We all got an afternoon nap in and chores done around the house and I taught a Body Pump class to wrap up the day.

For dinner I had Chicken, broccoli and sweet potato. It was quite a whirlwind at dinner so no pic. Your welcome.

Tomorrow it is a run day!! Can’t wait to get out and run! It has been almost a week since I last went for a run! Its not like I have a race coming up soon or anything…(11 days!!! Ha! I even pulled out my garmin  so it will be ready too..

What is your go to breakfast?

When was your last run?