Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Modifying Les Mills Body Pump while Pregnant.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

I’d like to think the snow we got today was a joke but nope…

And neither was my breakfast!

My go to breakfast lately has been french toast.


I mix 4 egg whites and one whole egg, cinnamon and a small amount of vanilla almond milk. Then dip 2 slices of Ezekiel bread in it and throw it on the skillet.

Its so quick and easy in the mornings. I topped it today with PB2, agave, and Chia berry jam!

Give it a try, you will be just as hooked!


I taught 2 boot camp classes tonight and Body Pump. I will post the boot camp workout for you tomorrow.

I also did the GPP workout today and I am going to feel all those squats tomorrow!.. and the next day.. and probably the next.



“SLS2S” is Single leg sit to stand.You balance on one foot and sit down onto a bench or chair. Try not to use your arms to help you stand back up! OH the burn.

I modified the jump rope after a few rounds to plate switches.

Modifying Body Pump

I have had a few people ask if I’m teaching Pump still and the answer is YES! It is one of my favorite workouts while pregnant. I taught pump throughout my entire twin pregnancy and I believe it helped with my quick recovery post partum. Which is why I will do it as long as I can with this one!

There are a few modifications I make though to make it through!

Les Mills has a great guide to make it through any Body Pump Class.

I’ll go through each track and give tips for modification ideas that I have done so far for each track. For those of you who are not Body Pump Savvy, the Les Mills Body Pump has 10 tracks, for an entire body workout.

1. Warm up- Is done with light weight on your bar, there is no modifications needs usually.

2. Squats- I have modified this by using a lighter weight then I usually do. Especially through my first trimester I have felt WEAK, and all those reps build up lactic acid a whole lot quicker. So I back off the weight for awhile and really focus on range of motion. 

3. Chest- When you get into you 2nd trimester, put your bench on a slant. I have 3 risers on one side and one on the other side.


4. Back and Hamstrings- Lower your weight and stand with your feet slightly wider then your normal set stance. This helps to stay more grounded with your new center of gravity.

5. Triceps- I also tilt my bench just like in the chest track. I have been able to use my same weight on triceps, for kick backs, overhead and presses. If we do bench dips I have had to open my legs a little wider in order to get full range of motion. 


6. Biceps- I haven’t had to modify much here but once the belly gets bigger I may go switch to using Dumb bells throughout the entire track.

7. Lunges- This track is a mix of squats, lunges, and even plyo jumps. This pregnancy the lunge track has been the hardest for me. I get really dizzy so I have to modify by not using weight on the lunges.

8. Shoulders- Use a lighter weight if you feel it is needed.

9. Abs- This track will be different for each person. Some people think core work is a little pointless for pregnant people but training the core is still very important! You will need to modify most of the track but don’t just skip it. Do a simple cat/cow, leg drops,and tick tocks.

10. Cool down/ Stretch- Only stretch what is comfortable for you.

Remember to check with your doctor before doing any new workout. Also, work at an intensity that is good for you at that point in your pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different so pay attention to yourself and that growing belly!