Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Hunt Workout & Me In Chalk Form.

First off, Congrats to all the bloggers and my friends that ran Boston today!! It seemed to be a perfect race day and I was just a little jealous of you all.

Oh, and Meb, you are amazing. 2:08!?



Second, I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!

Ours was full of family fun Saturday- Sunday. My parents were divorced (My mom past away but we still celebrate with her side of the family) My husbands parents are divorced and both remarried, so needless to say, we are party hopping professionals.

Best Picture of my kids I could get of them together this weekend…


We spent Saturday at my Grandmas (Moms side), then Sunday we visited Brent’s Dads, then went to my Dads. Lots of delicious food, and great company!

Here are just a few pics.


This morning it was back to the Monday grind. My alarm went off at 4:15am, but then I may of pushed snooze a couple times. I literally have to set at LEAST 5 alarms with all different tunes to get out of bed that super early in the morning!

At GPP we had a great workout to ease us into the week after a busy weekend.



I finished in 19:23. I modified the press jacks to push presses, and finished! That 500 m row felt never ending that last round.

I came home and spent the remainder of the morning tracing my kids with chalk. Bee did a pretty good job tracing me, don’t you think?



I taught boot camp this afternoon and did a fun Easter workout with them!

So I did an Easter egg hunt with my kids Saturday morning but instead of candy, I put a note telling them to do something funny. Example: Walk like a Robot to next egg, Jump like a bunny etc. It was really fun for them and I wanted to do something similar with my boot camp class today, but couldn’t exactly hide the eggs around the gym, so I put an exercise in each egg and I picked the first one, after they completed the reps they went for a run, when they got back from the run they got to pick their own egg! It worked out perfectly and they had a lot of fun. It reminded me of this GPP workout!


My boot camp class actually had reps ranging from either 25-50! The lunges and Mountain Climbers are R+L=1.

Give it a try!

Since my boot camp class had so much fun with it, I did it with my kids class too today! I modified the reps and the run for them and they loved it just as much!

GUESS WHAT?! I actually taught BODY ATTACK today! It had been a LONG time since I had taught that class and well, it was just like riding a bike. I had a lot of fun and was able to teach most of my tracks up to par. I did modify a bit but it was mostly the big tuck jumps and such! It felt great to teach it again!

After Attack I headed home to whip up a quick dinner! I grilled some chicken, made some sweet potatoes on the skillet and steamed some veggies! It was a perfect way to end the night!


Note: White Corn > Yellow corn. Always and forever.

Tell me about your Easter! Bloggers, link your re cap Easter posts in comments! I love to see them!

Do you like white or yellow corn best??

White! Off the cob!

Favorite/Least Easter Candy?

I found a new favorite. Snickers PB EGG. I only had half of one but it was delicious and now I’m hoping I can find them in Easter Sales. Jelly Bellies are always in my top 3.

Ps. Peeps are gross. OH, and those styrofoam chicks and ducks..