Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuna Patty

First off, We need to celebrate.. 3 things.
1. Its JUNE!! what?!  My twinners are going to be 1 NEXT month!!
2. HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNERS DAY!! (did you celebrate?)
3. Today is JANETHAS BIRTHDAY!!! Her blog is what inspired me to start my own. Click on over and tell her happy birthday!

Alright. Now we can get excited about lunch :)

Lunch came together quickly today! I was craving a little fish today! After a double workout I was needing to get some protein in my system asap!
Tuna it was!!-- I am really picky about my tuna. Because I have been eating healthy and avoid sodium ladened? canned foods, I'm really sensitive to overly salted foods. A lot of tuna, although packed in water can contain over  190mg of salt.per serving. As I was browsing around the grocery store I fell upon this.
Literally 20 mg per serving. Winner Winner Tuna dinner... 

Lets make a patty yes?
NO you don't need mayo. 

You will need:

1/2 Can of Crown prince no sodium added Tuna
1 egg white
1 tbs almond meal
sliced celery desired amount
diced purple onion desired amount

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl 

Heat up skillet & spray with canola oil 

Form a patty

Place patty on hot skillet and let cook for about a minute before flipping & repeat! 

This would be perfect in the middle of a whole wheat bun with lettuce and tomato...

Just picture the bun. mmmmk? I didn't have any buns. So I threw it on a bed of spinach and sliced tomato! 

I also munched an apple while the patty was cooking. 
This left me full and satisfied. Love it! 

Lets chat.
 I just watched the Biggest Loser finale... ( I know. I was a little behind) and found out Anna Kournicova taking over for Jillian? Really... Not really who I expected.. What about you? Who do you think would fill the Jillian gap?

I think that Jamie Eason or someone with some kind of personal training back round might of done better.. but anna is beautiful (naturally) so the camera will love her. In all reality show...uh. reality?