Monday, June 13, 2011

no cereal--cereal.

Holler! Sorry for the lack of post, through the weekend, We took a trip to Bear Lake! It was so nice to go up to the cabin with family. No computer, No service, No blogging, No internet. The first few hours were rough.. really. Have you even tried to disconnect yourself from any and all social media. eeek. But we had lots of family time and lived life like we did back in the day :) You should try it sometime.
We left Saturday and just  got home. We had so much fun! The twinners actually did very well! They slept fairly well and we even had a little fun in the sun

We hung out at the pool.. The babies DO NOT.. I repeat.. DO NOT like the pool.
"don't even think about it mom"

 I don't know why? They love the bath.. But if you put them in a pool and you will have not one but two unhappy little campers. They would rather just watch from the outskirts.

We will keep trying.. they are bound to get used to it right?

We went for a hike

We played in the grass.
not to sure about grass either.. perhaps we need to get out  more?... 

I did manage to take one picture of one meal. 
I know.. just fire me as a food blogger.. But hey I disconnected and didn't worry about my foods photo shoot.. before eating it. 
I'll make up for it promise. 

No Cereal.. Cereal..

There is one thing I can eat WAY to much of at one time.. and that is cereal. 
Literally, one box of cereal last maybe 2 days in my house. I LOVE cereal. But it never makes me full and I eat one bowl after another... I also tend to turn to it just because its there and its easy.. So I stopped buying it. (saves lots of mula to.) But while we were in bear lake i only had a few travel snacks..
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Almond Breeze Vanilla milk
  • Apples
  • White peaches.
  • Vanilla Protein powder.

When I woke up in the morning I started snacking on some almonds and figured I might as well just mix all this goodness together and get "cereal". It worked. It was good.. and I only had one bowl cup.. Hey, I was at a cabin and didn't have a bowl... paper cups work well to.. good for controlling portion size. 

Feels good to be home and back to blogging. I  have planned a giveaway... STAY TUNED! 


  1. Cute pictures from the weekend! I love that you each get one baby when you hike- thats awesome! I am a total cereal monster too! Josh enjoys it for breakfast, but it never fills me up. I think I need more protein than that!

  2. My guy loved baths but hated the pool too the first summer. I don't know if it was just all the people, the splashing, or the openness. But the next year when he was walking and big enough for his own life jacket he loved it. Love the cereal, looks yummy.

  3. Yummy! That's my kind of cereal!