Thursday, June 30, 2011

real life.

Summer is all about fresh from the garden lettuce, veggies and fruit not to mention tan skin, swimming, boating and vacations!!! When lunch rolled around today a salad topped with grilled chicken, peppers and strawberries sounded perfect! My friend Judy from GPP gave me some lettuce from her garden!
 (Thanks JUDY!) All the veggies were grown in the backyards of my friends/family.. yes. I know I need my own garden so I stop mooching off my friends.. but lets be real. I don't think I have gardened a day in my life and assured everything would die. 
the lettuce of my life

I love all the colors and flavors of this salad. Each and every bite was so good, I literally inhaled it. I also had an apple with cinnamon after to hold me over till later. 

"from the top of 'o salad"

I could eat a garden everyday. That is for shizzle. 

So along with the combined birthday party a few weeks ago, we had an oppurtunity to be part of a new thing called "moving pictures" through Gallery Photography. Its a video combined with pictures of us just playing with our twins. Ever want to know what life is like with twins? Pure Bliss.

Okay, pure bliss yes, but you should of seen my sweaty pits by the end of this.. haha! Oh and don't worry, I did get my hair done finally yesterday. So ignore the 5 inch regrowth.. this is the real life. 

Q. Do you have a garden? Want to share?.. haha!

Q. Favorite "Summer" food?
PEACHES. love them. 


  1. I'm ALL about colors in the summer!!!

    your family is SO beautiful!!!

  2. The video is SO cute. Made me melt! You guys are like the most adorable family ever. I do have a garden! I am really excited we have a bundle of watermelon growing but I'm afraid the mad heat we're having is going to kill them! Favorite summer food? oh gosh...cantaloupe? tomatoes? Corn? thats a tough call!

  3. Wish I could have twins! I'll probably try to get some again ;)

    (Found you on bodyrock. I agree, children are pure bliss!)

  4. I would love to have twins :) i had a garden growing up haha it was awful taking care of rather buy my food at the store...fav summer food is def family is BEAUTIFUL!

    ( I found you on Bodyrock too haha)

  5. Twins are pure bliss and pure work! Favorite summer food Peaches from the south! There is such a thing as a perfect peach

  6. It's the other Candice from GPP. I love your blog and thought I would come out and participate. I'm a garden mooch as well - I have a whole network of peeps that give me fresh garden veggies.
    Favorite summer food: tomatoes!

  7. I love the video of your adorable little family! Gallery did a great job, love their work! Plus your family is picture perfect so that is a plus too!

  8. Wow, that video was just darling, how cute are you all?! Love your blog, you inspire me daily to try a little harder!