Wednesday, June 8, 2011

cracker snacker

Hey friends!
This morning started out EARLY! I picked up another class at one of our local gyms. Its been awhile since I have taught an AM class.. Ever since one of the gyms I worked at closed.
It was a packed class! Love the energy and sweat before the sun comes up!
I then went to a bootcamp class that kicked my trash. And later I tackeld RUNIMALS. Aka.. run + manimals.
What the heck is a manimal? Check it. Wow.

For breakfast inbetween my workouts was eggs.

know your shocked. But today, I was lazy and didn't feel like washing my skillet so I just made it the microwave


Yep, you can make eggs in a microwave. They only explode a few times. But its possible.

4 egg whites
peppers + tomatoes 
Put ingredients in a bowl and cover with a paper towel and place in microwave for 1 minute. Then start the microwave again for another 1 or so until fully cooked. 
I also ate a handful or 4 of blueberries while it was cooking. 
Also  I thought about doing this. ha. It can just keep staring at me.

Tonight we had a neighborhood walk-about scheduled. To bad, Utah weather is bi-polar.
It was beautiful all day and now its a windy, stormy, rainy mess! So I'll just enjoy my treat by myself

while watching "So you think you can dance".

and a few more..

Yum! Thanks me. 

These snacks are so simple and diverse. 
really takes a genius. 

woven wheat crackers
PB w/ chocolate chips. 

I love anything sweet & salty and this little treat hits the spot! If you have little kids they might just love and devour these little bites as well. Just hide the rest of the chocolate chips before they just disappear.. ;)

Have a good night! 

Q. What is you least favorite household chore?
Mine is Laundry!!! 

Q. Simple quick go-to snack?
Usually a frozen banana dipped in Almond butter.. but the grinder at my local grocery store is broken and I'm going through withdrawals. 


  1. I love teaching earlyyyy! Its my favorite. mmm sweet and salty- so good together. Least favorite household chore? Dusting! Apple & nut butter!

  2. i always put my eggs on lower power in the microwave so they dont explode! i loathe folding laundry. that is the worst. and favorite go to snack.. savory=akmaks and cottage cheese with black pepper. sweet=peanut butter banana bites.


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Eggs in the microwave are AWESOME (but mainly because they require less dishes!)My favorite go-to snack is a fiber one bar, a yogurt or some banana and pb.

  4. Triscuits are amazing. Great idea.