Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Big 2-5

My Birthday was great yesterday!! I had a great and busy day!! I didn't get to sleep in..  I woke up bright and early to teach a pump class.. which was a little rough cause I think I got food poisoning the night before so I'll spare you all the details..(I'm never eating out again..) but part of being a fitness instructor is having to go  into each class with a positive attitude and leaving all your problems out the door. As important as that is to do for the instructor I think EVERYONE should do that! It will make your workout better and make you feel better! 
It worked! After class I felt better and was ready to celebrate!!  I came home to 3 gifts on the table!! My husband knows how to make me smile. 

However, It was still really early and he and the babies were still sleeping so I decided to whip up some breakfast! Its my birthday so Ice cream smoothie was a given!

This hit the spot!!
In the mix

1 scoop of Vanilla Protein
5 frozen strawberries
1/2 frozen banana
1 tbs. of chia seeds 
1 handful of spinach
 Pinch of Xanthan/gaur gum for thickening
5 ice cubes
1 cup Almond Milk unsweetened

Finally the fam woke up and I got to tear open my presents!!

(If you want lessons on how to get hair like mine... Just take a shower before bed, sleep wildly, wake up and hold down your crazy mane with a headband.) 

Present #1

Nike Free!!! I can't wait to take them on a run!! I have been having a crazy pain in my left foot so hopefully that subsides soon... Cross your fingers for me.. I'm going to the Dr. to get it checked.

Present #2

BOSSY PANTS!! I can't wait to read it! I have heard it is hilarious!! so Ill let you know! Has anyone read it yet?

Present #3 Cole Haan Nude Pumps!!

I promise my legs aren't that white.... 
I have been wanting new dress shoes FOREVER! I pinned these on my pinterest and my husband checked it out and now here they are!

We spent the rest of the day out on the lake, at red mango and a campfire! It was a great birthday!  All pics via Iphone.. and now my phone won't connect to the computer..? So I'll post them soon!! 

Hope your all having a great day!! 
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