Monday, June 20, 2011

Ragnar Review!

Ragnar Wasatch Back went off without a hitch. We had a great time with our friends. Our team name was "Duh Winning" in honor of the sleezeball Charlie Sheen. 
Ragnar races consist of two vans with 6 people in each one. Together you run 191 miles. With Wasatch Back you start in Logan, UT and finish in Park City UT. This race is so fun partly because of the team unity and confidence and strength you get from each other.. (especially at 2 am when you take a shot of major caffeine jump out of the van to run 7 miles) But its so fun to see other team names, costumes and van decorations! Ours was pretty stellar.
"The only thing I'm addicted to right now is winning." - Charlie Sheen.

"Duh Winning!"- Charlie. 

I loved having my husband do this race with me this year! He was amazing! We decided that we are going to do it together here on out! 

This is Brent getting ready for his first leg Friday Afternoon 4pm

I was the runner right after him, He passed off to me and snapped this pic of me walking around after finishing my first leg at about 5:30 PM

Many memories made in the honey bucket... hehe..

Some people actually take to long in the honey bucket and miss their exchange... hehe.. one of our teammates left miss kenz hangin. Don't worry he was only like a minute 

This is actually prior to starting our 3rd and final leg

This are all the peeps that we hung out/smelled in the van! 

Seriously, Yes its june in utah and once we got to the top of the mountain.. In fact they almost had to change the course due to the extreme amount of snow on the trail still! 

Towards the end of the race there is a hill.. THEE HILL known as Ragnar. It is a leg that has a 1,700ft elevation gain!!! No joke. Dirt Road-Straight up! There is actually a sign that says "rough, steep, winding hill fro the next 5 miles." motivating eh? Bless the souls in our van that did it. They rocked it. Better then I could ever do. In fact, I'd rather run 10 miles flat then 4 straight up! 
Our sprint to the FINISH!! We completed 191 miles in 29:42:28.9 hours.. 

Love this man. 

Overall, this was an experience that will never be forgotten!! It is so fun to be in a van with 5 of your favorite people, eating, laughing, sweating and sleeping? together. If you have never had a chance to do one of these races I highly recommend you write it on your bucket list! This is a race anyone can do! It isn't as intimidating as a half or full marathon because you run less mileage with breaks in between adding up to an average of 17-20 miles in two days!  It will be one of best races of your life!

Q. Would you rather run 10miles flat or 4 miles uphill?

Q. Does your spouse run races to?
He does now!!! Let the addiction begin! ;)


  1. So rocking! I love that you two did this together- just awesome :). And the pictures are so so cute. 10 miles flat for sure! Josh is THINKING about running a race. I am trying to convince him to do my first post- baby race with me.

  2. I'd never heard of a Ragnar Race before you, such an awesome thing though! I've already scoped one out in the DC area this September and I have a group of friends who are into fitness so I'm sure they'll be into it!If I ever get married I hope my husband runs with me too :)

  3. I love it! I did it too and loved every minute!

  4. Oh those sweet sweet Honeybuckets! I swear those things were a beacon of hope cause when you saw them you knew you were DONE! I would WAY rather run flat! I was runner 11 and ran up trappers loop it was KILLER! Oh man, what a great time though! I am for sure going to try and do Vegas!!!!!

  5. Looks like so much fun and awesome weather!! You have the most incredible strong looking body!! Is it all from mostly body pump..I found your blog through Bridget blazer and Whitney gleave, both who I have been good friends with for a while..small world that we are all connected somehow! I love everything that you post...

  6. @ sid! you did!? what runner were you?!
    @ whitney! Im looking forward to vegas as well!!
    @ heather! Thank you so much! and yes the weather was perfect the entire time! I credit my body to my diet, GPP workouts and of course body pump!
    Thanks for reading!

  7. nice job congrats!!! id prob rather run 10 miles flat...i hate hills! they are the worst!! and no, my husband doesnt run with me. he hates running hah..but he always cheers me on!

  8. You were van 2 I see! I was runner #6 while my husband-who did it for me-was runner #5. I loved the race! It was both of our first times & I was happy to share that experience with him! My team is signed up for next year. I would love another leg to get another experience but again-just loved it. Chaos-yes. More time in the van vs running & sleeping-yes but it was one neat atmosphere. Soooo different than any other race I've done. Loved loved loved it!