Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fa Fa Farina!

Yay!! JUNE is here! Its warm outside and I am hoping it is here to stay. But this is utah so my hopes aren't too high.... I'm welcoming summer with open arms!
For breakfast I had the farina for the first time! I picked it up at Trader Joes while I was in CT in April and decided to dig in this morning!
It reminded me of the malt-o-meal I used to eat growing up!

I followed the directions on the box for one serving.
3 tbs of Farina
1 1/4 C. Water

Put in microwave for 2 minutes stirring every 30 seconds, until thickens. I forgot to stir and it volcanoed over in my microwave.. amazing. 
Add 2 tbs vanilla protein powder
Frozen blueberries/raspberries as desired (any fruit will do)
added a little agave to sweeten it up a bit. 

Get in my belly. 

Delicious Breakfast! See you later today!



  1. Ive never heard of farina! I am so buying it when our tjs comes in