Thursday, April 18, 2013

Runners Language Round 1


Have you ever been confused when you hear about people at the gym or your running friends say long, confusing words you swear they are just making up.. like, fartlek. Do you know why training plans include tempo, interval, speed work, hills? I’m going to start a series of post that I will write once a week explaining how to do each one correctly, and why we do them.

First off:


Tempo runs are a way for runners to build up their speed and strength. They increase your speed by developing your anaerobic threshold. They usually are a little slower then your 10k race pace at a steady level and get faster gradually throughout your run.

I actually think Tempo running is more important to speed work because you are pushing yourself at a comfortably hard pace that improves your metabolic fitness. When we push ourselves a little faster gradually throughout a run it teaches your body how to use oxygen more efficiently and will make you a faster runner.



How do you do a tempo run? Well, Take your 3 mile run pace and add 30-40 seconds or 15 to 20 seconds to your 10 k pace

On a scale of 1-10 keep it at about a 8. Comfortable would be 5 and race would be 10.

If you wear a hear rate monitor keep it at 85%-95% percent of your max heart rate.

Give yourself the talk test. You should be able to say a short sentence {I like your shoes} but not have a full on conversation.. {about shoes).

So if I were going to do a Tempo run tomorrow..My current 5K pace is about a 8:00, so I would start at a 8:30 pace and gradually speed up.

  • 10 minutes of easy running @ 8:30
  • 20 minutes gradually increasing speed
  • 5 minutes back down to easy running to cool down!

The pace buildup should always be gradual, not sudden, with the peak speed coming about two-thirds into the workout, which you should only hold for a minute or two.

To benefit from tempo runs you have got to put in enough time at the right intensity for you! And the better trained you become the higher you will be able to push your threshold! Soon enough your fast pace will be your comfortable pace.

Todays workout at GPP was day 4 of HELLTH week!

Since it was not timed and I have been itching to move, I took it slow and only completed two rounds.

For demos of each exercise check them out.

Baylee even got some stability reverse back extensions in!

For lunch today I took my two little dates out to Plates and Palates again.

I got the same thing as always.. It has become a weekly event. I love shrimp!!

Brent got home early from work and we decide to go out for a little family run with a few of our closest friends.

To bad my finger got in the way! I love living close to mountains and get to see the deer so close everyday.

The twins loved hanging out with them too!

Overall it was a great day!

What was your run today?

What is your favorite type of training run?