Monday, April 22, 2013

Back to GPP and a Super Star

Mondays come to fast!

Luckily, today flew by! It was a normal BUSY Monday around here. Coaching, workout, Costco,7 loads of laundry-washed AND put away, Body Attack, and basketball tournament.

I ate my breakfast at the gym today in my car before coaching a couple morning classes.

photo 1

Then I did the workout today! I have taken the last three weeks off of GPP and running because I was feeling a little over trained (to say the least.)  I missed the workouts like crazy and was so excited to dive back in with the community and storm the WODS. I felt fresh and ready, but still took it easy and didn’t go full speed.

The workout today was in 3 parts.



The sprints were FUN! It is such a short distance but accelerating quickly and coming to a stop like that sure has its benefits! It uses your push and explosive muscles AND your core! Cool stuff.

The deadlifts were heavy but my hamstrings are my powerhouse, and I love the deads. I Rx’d the workout! The clapping pushups were ROUGH and meak looking by the time I got to 5. But hey, I finished and it felt good to sweat like that again.

After the workout I had to ran to Costco for spinach and ended up spending WAY more then $3.79.. Happen to anyone else? Costco may be worse then Target…

Lunch came quick in the form of two eggs, sweet potato and broccoli.

photo 2

The chocolate sauce that I put on my sweet potatoes is actually 1 TBS of PB2 and 1 TBS of chocolate protein powder! It is my favorite combo lately. Kinda weird but REALLY good! Seriously, TRY IT!

It was great fuel to get me through the Laundry apocalypse. Which consisted of probably 7 loads. I even put them away and that never happens! (Least favorite chore ever!) I gave myself a pat on the back and celebrating by digging into my quart of red mango… cause that’s what everyone does right?

I taught Body Attack tonight, it was a fun class and I got sweat in my eyeballs.. that is how you know it was a good class!

Afterwards I shot home because I had a scheduled basketball tourney with this handsome little dude.

photo 3photo 4photo 5

I seriously can’t get enough of him! He was so funny! I would throw him the assist then he would shoot and proudly exclaim that he won, and every basket was at least 3 points.

What a stud.

My computer wouldn’t recognize my phone so this post is getting up ober late! SORRY. Technology hates me. And Apple apparently.

OFF to bed!

What is the longest break you have taken from working out?

Which store is the best money pit for you? Costco or Target?