Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pack it up.

Happy Thursday!!!

I spent the morning coaching a “Baller” workout at GPP.

I probably even ate breakfast on the way there..


I really loved my disgusting looking chocolate coconut “prot-meal” from yesterday so I made it to go today as well!

I’m getting ready to go on a vacation tomorrow! Tis the week… It is spring break and I’m taking the opportunity to visit my grandparents in Boise ID. Brent is staying home..{accountants do not get spring break} so it just me and the twinners 5 hours…in. a. car.

I spent an hour at the car dealership waiting for my car and was quite tempted to drive away in a new car..


Navigation? 3rd row? Keyless entry? Yes, please..

BUT I had just paid for 3,000 more miles worth of oil for my car… and a filter and an alignment.

Maybe next time.. probably not though.

A girl can dream.

After we headed to Lulu and grabbed lunch at whole paycheck before heading to the park for the twinners to get some energy out!

I snagged a chia kombucha for the road, it was my first time attempting the chia and I surprisingly enjoyed it….a little! Some flavors I absolutely can’t stand.. but I liked the chia in this one, although it still had a zingy flavor that I’m not sure I like yet.


As my twins were reaching and grabbing everything in sigh,t I quickly grabbed what I wanted in this salad and headed for the door!


I got the twins a curry chicken wrap that I took a bite or two from the guts…

I forgot how delicious their curry chicken is!


It was a little windy at the park today, but that didn’t stop these two rascals.



They had a blast going up and down the “twirly” slide!

I spent the majority of nap time catching up with laundry and all that other house stuff we all feel like that needs to get done before you go on a vacation. Winking smileNot even close to being done… eek.

One of my SIL had another baby so tonight we spent some time at the hospital cuddling this sweet little guy!


How cute is this?


Big brother with the little!

{Congrats, guys!}

I’m taking off tomorrow for potato land, I’ll be in touch!

{PSSSST} : I have a big announcement next week and can’t wait to share with you all! Its been in the making for awhile and can’t wait to reveal the big news! I’ll be doing the biggest giveaway ever to celebrate with you all!


Anyone have any tips for the trade how to make it alive for long road trips with two restless two year olds?

Do you like kombucha?

What was your latest purchase?