Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter x5


Oh hey y’all. The Easter bunny did not eat me. I am still alive and hoppin’

This last weekend I stepped away from the computer, and just enjoyed the time with family. LOTS of family.. My kids had 5 easter egg hunts..FIVE.

It was fun this year because they finally caught on to the whole concept. They loved searching for eggs.


FACT: Excessive amounts of sugar consumed by toddlers makes them crazy.

Anybody else experience Post sugar toddler tantrums and silliness?


All of the candy seemed to of disappear over night…..I donated it to the local dump.


Our Easter was overall fantastic!

The boys even used the eggs that were supposed to be for the hunt for target practice….

(Don’t worry those are BB guns.. not AR 15's)

One of the eggs had a dime in it and I would say this is a bulls eye.


Yes, I have dirt in my nails from burying eggs in dirt.

I made a fancy Gluten free and dairy free Carrot cake for one of the parties.


It turned out FANTASTIC! I was in love with it, and quite proud of it. Everyone who partook of it loved it as well!

Well, with the exception of one person, but that person never likes any “healthy” dessert I make.. FYI it was GF and DAIRY free, but that does not make it “healthy” it makes it tolerable by my stomach. It still had sugar and all the good stuff!

You can’t please them all. But if you have an intolerance you will LOVE this cake.I’ll get the recipe up stat.

The annual family Easter Picture!


And yes, I had one child stain HER dress prior to the pictures and the other run and trip and get GRASS STAINS on HIS knees within 5 minutes of getting out of the car for pictures. Family pictures are cursed.

Today I did the GPP workout and got a nice 6 mile run in then spent some time foam rolling like never before..



I’m in dire need of some grocery shopping… the only source of protein in my home is eggs right now.. so I ate a lot of eggs today..


Hope you all had a great EASTER!


GPP is now going to hold classes at “THE GYM” at City Creek in SLC!!

I' am beyond ecstatic for this, and if you are a local SLC dweller you should be too!! I’ll get more details to follow! I just had to share!



Here is Liz and Meg! Two more of the awesome trainers you will be seeing downtown!

Do you foam roll??

Is it just me or did Easter seem a little excessive this year? Candy, Presents, family parties? ALL of which were wonderful but it was like Christmas.