Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Garden Bug

The weather has been great today!!

I started the day with some coconut chocolate oats on my way to the gym!


I was almost done with it by the time I decided to take a pic.. wow. that looks sick—but it was really good I promise!!

I snacked on a Quest Bar between classes.

These bars seem to be all the rave lately… I like the nutritional stats on them but I wouldn’t say they taste as AMAZING as everyone raves. I bought a bunch of them a few weeks ago, and keep them in my car “just in case.” They are a good filler and I heard if you actually warm them up in the microwave they are even more amazing. They are also a little more pricey then normal bar but they are gluten free and all natural but have dairy, so they do bug my stomach a little.. soooo its up to you. I like them but don’t think protein bars should be or are a necessity in any diet but if you tend to be on the go a lot, these are a great option!

On my way home I decided it would be a good day to do some yard work before it gets too hot.

Here are some real life facts:

* I don’t like yard work. Never have.

* We haven’t touched our flower gardens (ALL 5) since we moved into our house 2 years ago!

* I don’t even have gardening crap. Just a shovel.

* I was sure I would find a dead animal or something in the “amazon”.

* All plants were dead.. besides a tree or two… not sure if they are actually weeds though..

I spent two hours digging out trees aka large weeds with a man shovel.

Lo and behold, I found some flowers and NO dead animal.

I’m still not done… but notice I filled my ENTIRE garbage can and then some! Garbage day isn’t untill next Tuesday…umph. On the bright side…1 out 5 flower beds almost done, I got a long way to go. I will admit, I kind of had fun doing it today and on the plus side got a little sun out of it! I think I may of gotten the garden bug! I’m excited to plant new flowers and all that jazz! {I know nothing about flowers…}

I better get some gloves.

Meanwhile, Tanner and Baylee played with the next door neighbors, who recently got a new toy! If you follow me on instagram you know this is a BIG deal….


T was in absolute heaven…he is obsessed with anything “Cars” and usually has a “ka-chow” in each hand! Winking smile

After hard work, I was more then ready for lunch!


I had some sweet potatoes already cooked and in the fridge and I whipped up some tilapia and broccoli quick and threw some of the most perfect $6 raspberries ever and probably ate a few more while the tilapia was cooking..Winking smile I put my protein pb sauce on top of the sweet potato which was perfect in every way.

I had another quick salad with turkey, spinach, avocado and peppers before heading to teach a body attack class, which didn’t sit to well actually.. I think I just ate it to soon before class. 


After class I went to pick up the kids at grandmas house and she made us a great dinner! We haven’t seen her for awhile and I had good time chatting with her.

My friend tagged me in this video on facebook tonight and I think you will get a kick out it.

1. If you’re a Les Mis fan.

2. If you have a gluten/dairy allergy. Winking smile

Do you like to garden?

Which protein bar/granola is your favorite??