Saturday, April 27, 2013

Moab Car Show & Workout


Hey guys!! Thought I’d drop in super quick and let you know how the trip is going so far!

Baylee and I left last night to catch up with these two handsome guys!


We arrived pretty late last night so the kids were beyond tired!

Brent let Tanner stay up and wait for us.

We are all sleeping in one room and T&B are not the best sleepers on vacation…. so needless to say we were up at 5:30AM..

My SIL Janey goes to GPP with me and was up willing to do a workout. I was a little tired but once we got going I felt SO much better!!

Here is what we were able to throw together.


After the workout I fueled up on some Prooats with half a banana and egg whites with veggies! Oh… and a rockstar. {Breakfast of Champs….}


After breakfast we headed to the car show.

My FIL has a ‘56 Chevy that he puts in the car show every year, so we hung out there for a little bit and admired all the classics, played at the park and snacked on sugar roasted almonds. aka. crack.


Now were back and attempting to put the twins down for a nap… proving to be unsuccessful so far Winking smileGuess the kids what a vacation from nap time….

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!