Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What A Hill.. Now Bleachers.


RX week at GPP is off to a running start.

Last night I did the 2nd workout of RX week. (RX week at GPP is a full week of two-a-day workouts.)

It is challenging but we all love it.

We ran up and down, bear crawled and shuffled. We did a lot of squats, sit ups and side ups too! It was hot and that hill was steep! I took a few breaks by walking down the hill instead of running..  and still got the majority of the workout in.

Brent and the twins came and tackled the workout too! It was fun to have them to race them up the hill too.

This is a few of my fun neighbors that joined in on the fun this year!

Tanner had a blast hanging out with some of his friends too!

This morning I had breakfast before heading to the gym to teach boot camp. It was a simple egg and toast kind of morning with a side of banana toast. A little sweet and a little savory. Simple and easy, just how I like breakfast to be on busy mornings.

T & B had swim lessons again today.. I think my cats may be turning into little fish! Tanner finally got his head wet and gave me a thumbs up.

After we took a trip to target and I snagged this new flavor of chobani to have with my lunch.

Ps. It’s delicious!

Before heading to the 2nd workout today I had a quick snack of some cottage cheese, hummus and cucumbers! I got this cucumber from a friends garden and it was crispy and perfect!

The workout took us to the high school for some bleacher action!

We had a blast even though a storm was rolling in, we finished right before the downpour and lightning!

Two days down!!

What was your workout today?