Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pregnancy 2nd Trimester Recap


Alright, so I’m a little late getting this recap up!

I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant!


Here is a fun little pregnant survey to recap my 2nd trimester.


We didn’t find out but are getting more excited to finally meet this babe and know!

Belly Button?

Innie still!


On. Although.. getting tighter.. gotta love being pregnant in the summer!

Stretch Marks?

Nope. I got little white ones with the twins, so just waiting for those to appear again.

Maternity Clothes?

Not yet. I actually can still button up my pants! Miracle really… not super comfortable though.


ALL the time now. I had an anterior placenta so I didn’t start feeling movement around 22 ish weeks. I think feeling this babe kick,punch and jump around is my favorite thing about being pregnant.

Weight Gain?

At my last Doctor appointment I had gained 5 pounds so far this pregnancy! However, I did gain 20 lbs.. yes 20.. before I found out I was pregnant, thanks to clomid and all that infertility fun. Funny thing, I weigh the same as I did when I was pregnant with the twins at the same time. Go figure.. I guess if your body has done this once.. its going to do the same thing.


  • Nausea? Mostly gone. Long drives tend to make me a little woozy but not as bad as it use too.  
  • FATIGUE. Yep.. still got that one.



I still haven’t had any cravings with this pregnancy. Which is weird because the twins sent me on crazy ones sometimes. But with the heat I am having a protein smoothie every day! In used grande cups from starbucks.. ha! (I got a tea the other day and didn’t love it.)


I am still working out daily. GPP is done every morning and I teach pump twice a week and attack about once a month. We are on a rotation so it comes up once a month.)


I did run Red Rock Relay Moab when I was 17 weeks and felt good, since then mainly in the last few weeks, I’ve cut my running a little bit and only doing short distances at a time. I have spent more time on a spin bike lately then the road.


How this Pregnancy has compared to the twins:


The right pic was me last week.. 29 weeks with one babe. The picture on the left was me 24 weeks pregnant with the twins. Size wise, I think I was a little bigger with the twins but not by much. My belly isn’t as “tight” as it was with the twins, but I think this babe will still be on the large side.

There you have it! My 2nd Trimester can now be considered in the bag!