Wednesday, August 13, 2014

FlapJacked Protein Pancakes


Can you guys believe it is August already!? This summer has flown by and I’m partly excited for fall because we will get to meet this sweet babe inside me. At the same time I’m sad because summer is MY favorite time of year in Utah. Fall is pretty amazing here though as well.

This fall the twins will be starting their 2nd year of preschool. I am excited to have them back in a routine and for them to experience a new preschool.

If you have been a reader of HMR for awhile you probably have notice our mornings are always a little crazy. I coach workouts early in the morning and then come home get kids ready, before I am having to hustle them out the door to head back to the gym to teach again. It is go, go, go for us around here so having quick and easy meals are pretty much mandatory.

I was first introduced to FlapJacked pancakes at blend this year by Lauren, so when she had asked if I wanted to review them, I jumped at the chance!


When I first tried FlapJacked Protein Pancakes I was immediently intrigued because of the PROTEIN! 15,16, even 17 grams of protein in a serving depending on which flavor you pick! After checking out the ingredient list I was impressed because there wasn’t really anything funky or crazy in it.  No additives, preservatives or artificial crap. Pretty natural Ingredients for the win!


Something pretty amazing about these pancakes is that the mix just requires you to add WATER! That is it! One bowl. No mess.


I had these pancakes whipped up in less 10 minutes! Surprisingly, the eggs actually took longer than the pancakes.

They are perfectly fluffy and you can’t even taste the protein in them, and the kids devoured them faster than they could even chew. Which helps me get them fed, satisfied and off to tackle the day!




We have tried all 3 flavors and I think my top fave is the apple cinnamon. I have always been a cinnamon fan so it really appeals to my taste buds!

If you are wanting to give these pancakes a go for that first day of school breakfast. Take some stress out of the morning and nab some of these quick and easy pancakes for the kiddos.


*This post is sponsored by FlapJacked Protein Pancakes. I received the mixes to try, all opinions are my own.

What is your favorite type of Breakfast?

If you could create your own flavor of FlapJacked Mix, what would it be?