Friday, November 16, 2012

Tabata Climb


I didn’t get around to a post last night because I took a night out with my SIL’s to check out the new “Breaking Dawn” movie. - I am probably the only person on earth that didn’t read the book. So the whole plot and story was new to me. I did see the first two movies, so I knew what was up- but   I’m probably going to be the only one that wasn’t super impressed with the movie either. It was a little much in the whole glitter, heads ripping off things that were going on. The best part was when Bella found out that Jacob “imprinted” on her daughter.. ha! (Hope I didn’t spoil that for anyone.. you probably read the book and if you didn’t you don’t care anyway right?)

And Bella still looks like my sister.

I know.. its kind of creepy right? I will say in her defense she is prettier and smiles a whole lot more then Bella.


Today I got back to GPP! I took 6 days off of GPP workouts and it felt good to be back to my normal schedule again.

We did this workout today, and those tricep kickbacks were brutal at the time but right now I’m totally feeling it in my biceps and core! I really love those wipers!

*note on the video- We actually lowered the weight to the opposite side of our legs. So, by keeping your arms and legs straight both dropped to the floor- legs go to the right, your arms go down to the left. and vice versa.

I also felt like running today! I have been in a running slump lately and was running just cause I felt like I had to and didn’t enjoy it as much, I’m blaming that on the snow and freezing temps that force me to run inside on the treadmill. Today, I actually ran into my friend Ashlan on my way in and she joined me for my run workout today and it made it FLY by!

This workout is rough and my hamstrings are feeling it already!


We used the gymboss app on my phone (its free!). It has a tabata counter on it which made it easy to focus on the work and not the clock!

It took us about 35 minutes total to complete and we were a sweaty mess! Those inclines were rough!

Now, I’m off to have a relaxing Friday night!! Organizing and digging out Christmas décor!