Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Can you clean?

Last night my sister texted me and asked if I could storm today’s GPP workout with her at 5:45am.
It has been awhile since I have done a early morning workout. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get up and go. I set 2 alarms.. just in case….
I got up and I went.
AND I liked it, in fact I totally miss early morning workouts!! I may possibly be a crazy person.
But once I get out of bed, put on my gym clothes and walk into that gym. I know its time to get to work. I leave everything at the door and just get it done!
Paul, a member of GPP just completed his first IRONMAN Sunday (IMAZ) and he walked in the door of the gym before 7AM today. If he can get back to his workout that quick, and ready and eager to work, then I can drag my sorry butt out and get it done.
HERE is my workout today: It was also fun doing with my little sister. She is getting TOUGH!
After the workout I spent some time on the spin bike, nothing crazy just kept a moderate pace for 45 minutes before coaching the next class through power cleans, presses and pull ups.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. I love power cleans. My hands however did not love the pull-ups today due to the rip I got last week. Sad smileI need to pull out the pumice stone and file my calluses down.. I get a rude reminder once I hit a certain WOD.

I snagged some muscle milk at the grocery store last week on clearance and brought it to drink post workout.. As soon as I took a sip I wanted to hurl.
Totally expecting chocolate and got latte…


After GPP I headed across the street to sub a Pump Class and even snuck in a quick run on the Treadmill. It was short-but every mile counts right? KEY word. Mile.

My calves are completely wrecked after the 200 - 24 in. box jumps yesterday…So I didn’t feel to bad about cutting my run short..like warm-up short. Besides I was starving..
I came home and made a huge bowl of oatmeal. Totally hit the spot, but I was ready for lunch 2 hours later.. I’m out of chicken and went for the next best source of protein- EGGS!
I also snacked on more raspberries while the eggs were cooking and warmed up some sweet potato lazy fries to complete the meal.
After color time, dance time and turkey drawing time, I got the twinners down for a nap and I got a ton of work done today on the computer! A productive afternoon! Yay!! I was half tempted to take a nap but my mind was reeling and I just couldn’t slow down.
I made a 3 minute pumpkin muffin to get me through the workload.
Not the prettiest but with Janetha’s Vanilla bean coconut butter on top it was definitley the tastiest.
Fact: I could it that whole jar with a spoon.
Dinner was uneventful and same old tilapia and broccoli. I’m a little over it and getting excited for some turkey!
As the day is wrapping up, my early morning is starting to catch up with me. I’m going to head off to the grocery store and get some ingredients needed for thanksgiving!