Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Birthday Cake Fail.

I have procrastinated this post tonight due to the election watching and cake serving.

We had family over tonight to celebrate Brent’s Birthday and ended up watching the election with the rest of America..

I made my very first red velvet bundt cake from scratch..but when I went to dump it out it broke.. I frosted it anyway and pretended it was fine.. it wasn’t.

So I went out and did the easy thing.. I bought one.


My Red Velvet, cream cheese filled Bundt cake tasted fabulous (so I heard from a few taste testers) but wasn’t easy on the eyes… Thank goodness for bakeries.

It was fun having some fam over tonight to help relieve some morning, mid day and afternoon stress that I had… And wrap up Brent’s Birthday Celebration!


He got ALL the candles out in one blow. A new PR.

My workout today was this workout at GPP. I love power cleans! It is one of my favorite Olympic moves. I reached a new PR today of #145 1RM!  Which I was stoked about but really wanted #155 but I’ll take it. I still have a little transition issue and I create a fear of the bar when I fail once. It’s all in my head.. I’ll get it one day.

So, remember last night when I mentioned my children are rebelling because we didn’t take them to Vegas… And maybe cause daylight savings messed up their golden sleep patterns..Well guess who woke up at 3:45 AM, 4:45AM and all ready to go at 6 AM. Yep.. and who spilled a lot of odwalla on the couch 2 hours before I had to leave to teach and get a new cake and get home before the fam got to my house.. ugh. It was a long day today.. Tomorrow WILL be better!


Off to bed, just in case, two of my favorite little people decide to party at 4 am again.