Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Workout Wednesday: Boot camp & Treadmill/Track Workout

Happy Workout Wednesday! We are officially half way through the week! I am so excited to share these workouts with you today.

Yesterday, I subbed a total body conditioning class. It was fun to teach the class, because I used to teach it before I had Roen. So getting back to familiar faces was a blast! I put them through this crazy leg fryer.


Afterward we did some shoulder and core work by doing 30 press jacks then going directly into plate drags! To do a plate drag, but the plates under your feet while your in a plank then without moving your body, drag yourself across the floor using your arms. Don’t forget to keep that booty down and those legs straight!

I did the workout with them yesterday and holy cow, sweat was FLYING!

Afterward, I had some running & biking to do on my training plan before I could call it a day. It was a BLIZZARD here yesterday. Which made me smile a bit because Utah finally decided to have a winter. Although, I couldn’t do this speed workout on the track. Lucky for me the treadmills at my gym have a track on them that I can watch so I know exactly where I am on the track.

So if you are lucky enough to head to track, go for it. If you’re a snowed in crazy, go hit this up!


Let me know if you try’em!

Have a good workout!