Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Workout Wednesday: Tabata time

Oh Wednesday. That feels like maybe it should be Friday.

Anyone else?

Maybe I just need a vacation from my trip this weekend? It has been a busy week already and I’m constantly feeling like I’m behind with everything. But guess what?!

That is just life. ADAPT and roll with it! Right?!

Well, it is Wednesday which means you get a workout!

I love tabatas! They are quick and effective and always leave me a sweaty mess in a short amount of time that goes by even faster than you think.

Here ya go, get after it!

Here a few demo videos of a couple movements.

Heel Tap Squats

Skaters—>fast forward that video. Dude talks foreeever.

Press Jacks

I have to tell you guys about Siggis! I literally buy it out of stock every time I see it! It is seriously amazing. Vanilla is my favorite!


I got in a quick 4 miles today and threw in 30 air squats every half mile.


Gear up. We got a week to finish off!


Tell me about your workout today!