Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday: Daily Happenings

Happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend. I am so excited for this weekend because it is our anniversary! Hopefully we can actually get out to celebrate with dinner without our troop.

Today I had an EARLY start at the gym. We recently had to shuffle a few classes around and I’ve picked up a couple of classes that start at 5 am.

Later, Brent had lasik surgery, so we headed out to the doctor and we had some extra time before the surgery so we headed into TJmaxx and I found my favorite running shoe!

The wave sayonara! I am a mizuno fan through and through. So for $40 I bought two pair! The sayonara are light enough for cross training but also have enough support for running.

It was 65 degrees in Utah.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to get close to 70.

In February. I love it! I’m hoping I can get in a long-ish run tomorrow!

Brent and I also went to Harmons for lunch because I have heard great things about their salad bar.

It is amazing.. and sure does give whole foods a run for their money.

I made a salad and topped it with chicken and salmon, cucumbers,peppers,artichoke hearts, boiled egg, edamame, quinoa, onion and almond slices.



I taught boot camp tonight and came home and made a quick dinner, or should I say brinner?


Eggs are always are go to around here when I didn’t really take time to prepare much before heading to teach… #momfail ? Nobody disagrees though. We all love eggs and toast around here and I guess it is healthier than any fast food joint. Right?!

I’m going to get to bed extra early tonight because of my early morning I’m looking forward too tomorrow!