Monday, February 23, 2015

Healthy Road Trip Snacks

I got yesterday afternoon from a quick trip to St. George with my family. We went for a funeral which wasn’t my favorite kind of trip. But it was a celebration of my great uncle who was an amazing man and will be missed dearly.


My Uncle Kay was just one of those people who had a contagious smile and just made you want to be a better person. He was 88, he lived a good life and I’m sure he is smiling down at us all.

Healthy Road Trip Treats

Treats in the car are always something I look forward too on road trips but since I’m working on losing a bit of baby weight I wanted to have some healthy options. So I made a list of a few different ideas. Here is a list of a few smart choices for your next trip!

  • Turkey Jerky
  • Apples,Clementines, or grapes
  • Raw Nuts
  • Quest bars
  • Justins Almond butter packet
  • Fruit leather/dried fruit (avoid the ones with added sugar.)
  • Dub Nutrition Protein 2.0
  • Mamma Chia Packets


Do you have anything to add?

What is your favorite “must have” snack for a road trip? Healthy or not?