Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Birthday Cakes


The past few days we have been celebrating these two!


They even helped bake their own cakes!


I have never been brave enough to make my own cakes from scratch.. or busy and the whole box cake and the “just add water” mixes are so convenient.

I wanted to make it special this year so I went in search of the perfect cake recipe. I have a friend who is a great cook and her mom is also amazing! Her mom, Linda, has an amazing blog! I decided to give her Naked chocolate cake a try! You can find the recipe here on the Organic Kitchen. I had a few questions during this cake prep and I tweeted Linda and she always shot back a quick response!

My kids love to help me bake so I got most of the ingredients out and ready to make it a little easier for them and me. Winking smile


I love this vanilla paste that I received from Janetha as a gift.


These two keep baking interesting. I actually love how excited they get to bake with me.



I also got the recipe for the butter cream frosting from the organic kitchen.

I did alter just a few things in the recipe to adapt with things I had.

Instead of a 3 layer cake made with 8 inch pans I made a 2 layer cake with 9 inch pans since that was all I had.

I snagged these sugar flowers from Micheals craft store to decorate Baylees cake.

For Tanners Cake I really wanted to put one of his Lightning Mcqueen cars on top but he did not want to get his car dirty.. Haha! He did choose to put raspberries and coconut on top instead. He even topped it himself.

It is family tradition to sing Happy Birthday with the lights off so sorry for the blurry picture. You can tell they were pretty excited though!


They had a great day and even woke up this morning expecting all over again today!

Good thing I have left over cake!

Do you usually…

A) Make your birthday cakes from scratch?

B) Use box mixes?

C) Just buy one?


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