Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hey guys! We are HALF way through the week!! I am seriously have issues walking after that workout yesterday! I didn’t quit on HELLth week though. I got in and got the third workout done! I also had a body combat class tonight that was just a bit comical but hey. DONE.

** I purchased this bag from xocai, all thoughts and opinions of the products are my own. I was not paid for this post.

My highlight of my day was my post workout shake!

Awhile ago I was at my friends house and her husband made me a protein shake. They are cofounders of a company called XOCAI. I took the shake to go, and my friend Karen was with me, who by the way is an amazing athlete and incredibly fit. I raved about how great the shake is for most of our drive. It had the perfect amount of chocolate flavoring without being overpowering. Karen told me all about it, the benefits, the quality etc. and I was intrigued and interested. But then after the weekend was over I kind of forgot about it!

We had a girls night a little later and she had XOCAI chocolate out for us all to eat. HEALTHY Chocolate? YES please!


They have several different kinds of healthy chocolates available. Here are the benefits of the chocolate and the protein powder from their site.

SCIENTIFICALLY SUPPORTED: Several studies show that high-grade dark chocolate supports athletic performance, recovery and improved energy.

BOOSTS ENERGY: Healthy chocolate delivers an array of nutrients the body needs to optimize production of energy—and it does so without the help of unhealthy sugars or harsh stimulants.

ACCELERATES RECOVERY: Research shows that dark chocolate possesses distinct anti-flammatory properties. This means it can reduce the soreness and pain associated with athletic activity.

PROTECTS CELLS: Xoçaí's potent antioxidant abilities protect the body’s cells, tissues and organs. This allows the body to function at its optimal capacity for more intense training.

SUPPORTS THE HEART & BRAIN: Various studies convincingly show that healthy chocolate can promote the function of both the cardio system and the brain, both of which are crucial for athletes.

100% NATURAL and “CLEAN”: Xoçaí's all-natural products do not contain any ingredients that are banned by various anti-doping agencies and major athletic organizations.

Can’t disagree with that!

The Xocai Protein Shake is the cleanest protein shake I have ever had that actually taste good! 

I bought this bag for myself and have tested a few different recipes and this has been my fave!


The protein powder is packed with antioxidants and fiber! After my shake today I was full till after my normal lunch time which NEVER happens to me!

If you want to purchase the Protein Powder or the Chocolate you can do so HERE! Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Xocai has a new program coming out called “RIPPED AND RICH.” This company truly cares about the health of everyone. They distribute a great product and have a fitness program to go along with it if you are interested. They give you nutrition guidance and You can even make some money for yourself!

I am not a distributor yet.. but I think it is something worth looking into. Try it,and if it is a product that you like you could be a distributor and actually make money off of your health. Cool stuff. If your not into “becoming a distributor” that’s cool too. You can just buy the product from the company.

I had the opportunity to be in a video promoting Ripped and Rich. If you want to a little eye candy you can watch this video. (ps. I’m not the eye candy..Winking smile)


If you are wondering about the Energy drink is Xe


I’m not a fan of energy drinks but this one doesn’t have and dangerous stimulants like other popular energy drinks that are sold so I’m okay with it. I don’t drink it daily so I don’t really have an opinion on it. The shake and the chocolate (especially the peanut butter) is worth it!

Have you tried XOCAI before?

Who loves CHOCOLATE?

Could you benefit from something like “Ripped and Rich” ?