Thursday, May 16, 2013

My day with a Canadian


Hey guys! Today has been SOO much fun! I started the day off at GPP, It was AB day!



I finished just after the 16 minute mark with the run. Afterward I went and picked up my dads dog and headed to the hills. I did the same trail run on Tuesday. It was a perfect day for a trail run!





When I got home I was checkin out facebook while eating lunch and Meg was stranded at the airport!   I jumped at the chance to pick her up and tour the town!



We headed home and put the kids down for a nap, ate and talked for a few hours!

Meg wanted to get a workout in today, so of course I got her right into GPP to tackle the AB workout! She did great and loved it!


We headed over to skills to get a protein shake before heading out to TJ’s and City Creek (the mall) for some shopping!

TJ’s was our first stop!




Then it was off to City Creek!


We had a blast!! Its been so fun having meg here with me! I ‘m positive that she is super excited to have kids one day now, after a full afternoon with two TWO year olds!Winking smile

Now, time to relax and get ready for BLEND!

What is your TJ’s must haves?