Thursday, May 2, 2013

In with the New & A Future Runner


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I started out yesterdays with a workout at GPP. 


This workout is done by doing a burpee, then the following movement. You can see the demos of each movement here.

Example: Do a burpee then do a pullup, repeat until you have completed 25 of each movement before moving onto the next.

I almost needed this shirt.


But I love Burpees. Really though.

For lunch, I had a huge chicken and veggie salad!


  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Chicken
  • Mini Bell Peppers
  • siracha
  • Udos Oil

After talking to a friend at the gym, she encouraged me to try Udo’s Oil.


After hearing her rave about it, I headed to my local health food store to pick up a bottle for myself! {Thanks Joanna!} 


It’s a oil made with Organic Flax, sesame, and sunflower seed oils. You get all your omega fatty acids in one bottle!!

I headed to my local health food store to pick up a bottle for myself!

Essential fats taken in the right amounts and ratios benefit your body in many ways, such as, but not limited too:

  • Increased energy, performance and stamina: The EFA’s enhance thermogenesis, help build muscle and prevent muscle break down and speed recovery from fatigue!
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Improve brain functions: mood, memory, and vision.
  • Aid in weight reduction by suppressing your appetite and blocking the genes that produce fat in the body and increase thermogenesis.
  • Improves digestion
  • Support healthy child development
  • Keeps your skin, hair and nails looking healthy.

I usually include these omegas in my diet somehow in the past, but having them all in one bottle is more convenient and actually lowers my calories a little bit throughout the day, Instead of having a TBS of each, I just have one Tbsp. of this and I got all my essential fatty acids covered for the day!

After the kids naps, we went for a run! It was my quick 4 mile loop around my neighborhood. At one point, Tanner told me he wanted to run too! Who am I to turn down my little future track athlete?


He ran about 800 m. before he tripped and totally ate it on the cement .Sad smile

He was okay though, no scratches! If your wondering what he is carrying, it is his “pack, pack” and it carries all of his “Cars” cars. They go every where with him and never leave his hands.

You think the kid would get tired of a toy and move onto the next… Nope. I’m sure he got those cars last Christmas! He is pretty cool.

Today, I plan on doing a GPP workout, which is focused on CORE today, and then head on out for a trail run. Time to probably start training for RIM TO RIM!! EEK!

Do you like Burpees?

Have you heard of UDO’s oil before? Would you like to try it??

PSSST… I got another giveaway coming your way later today!

Catch all you crazy cats later. Winking smile