Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013


Happy Memorial Day!!

I hope you are all having a great holiday!

Mine started at GPP with a HIT THE DECK workout! Those that were at BLEND probably remember this well?  Except this time we used a pinochle deck!! So there were no reps lower then 9…


We had a fun group turn out for the chaos!! We were all nice and sweaty after!

ACE of SPADES times 2!!!! Spades = BURPEES!

Workout was fueled by some Protein PB&J oats with some coconut shreds!


So delicious! This has become my staple breakfast as of lately!

After GPP I headed straight to the park to meet my fam! Our city has a big memorial day celebration, a fun family 5k, flag ceremony and breakfast!

We can’t forget about the helicopter! Tanner was SO excited! The helicopter flew over our heads a few times and then landed in the middle of the park. Tanner ran right for it! Yelling at me to hurry up!

He was in heaven!

He got to look inside and listen to the pilot talk all aobut

Sun was a little bright though.Winking smile

Breakfast was served!

Pancakes, eggs and ham for the win!


After the festivities at the park I headed back to the gym for boot camp. We did multiple tabatas.

16 rounds of each group, Alternating every 20 seconds within the 10 second rest.

Heavy back squats---> Jump Squats

Push ups----> OH press

Box jumps-----> Burpees

Power switch lunges----> straight legs dead lifts

Bicep Curls---> Tricep Dips



It was a fun workout and went by quick!

Thanks Dusti!

After the gym, we headed up to the cemetery to bring some flowers to our loved ones.

My mom, Grandpa and Great Grandma are all buried in the same cemetery.


Miss her.




There was a guy playing the bagpipes!


It was past due for lunch by the time we got home, so I quickly heated up some chicken, sweet tater and broccoli and diced half an avocado and ate it out of a tupperware in true Candice fashion.