Saturday, July 9, 2011

How to make Sweet Potato Fries

I'm in route right now to kaui! Currently in LA! Our flight has been delayed due to a maintenance issue.. Lame. Although it does give me a minute to publish a quick post! I didn't bring my laptop so posting via iPhone this week! I have had a few request for a how to for sweet potatoe fries! Enjoy!!!
I kinda like sweet potatoes. We have them at least 4 times a week. No I'm not even exaggerating! I make them in advance, I take them on the go, I cover them in tinfoil to bake, I cover them in cinnamon, & sometimes.. I just make fries! I have had a few readers ask me how I make these sweet little gems. So I decided while I'm lounging on the beach, You can make these, like everyday. 

First, Go to your local grocery store and pick up some regular sized sweet potatoes, Don't even try to ask the grocer for a sweet potato cause he will probably point you in the direction of those yellowy looking weird potatoes and claim that these are actually YAMS. (whatever, that may be the truth,but I prefer to call my taters whatever I want. mmmmk) Glad we got that clear. 

Peel the Potatoes & preheat your oven to.. 

Normal and recommended heat: 375 degrees toss and turn fries every 15 minutes till soft. (45 minutes)
Speedy Mcgee way.. 495 degrees bake for 10 minutes, toss and turn and continue baking for 5. 

See the butt.. or maybe thats the head.. IDK but cut off both ends.

Key to good sweet tater fries.. A GOOD Knife, I failed to mention the last time I made these I totally broke my knife. It was weak sauce anyway, so today I purchased this beauty! A new knife! and I smiled the whole time I was cutting them up. Who knew a knife could make this girl so happy. 

Just like Buttah! 

Slice peeled potato in half

And then those halves in half.

Must be picture presentable. ( I obviously like a little skin)

Lay them flat side down

Slice and dice into perfect little fry shapes

Oh those squishy fries from McDonalds are powerless over these babies.

Place on a cookie sheet covered in tinfoil (saves on dish washing time) 
Cover with tinfoil and sprinkle with desired seasonings.


Salt + Paprika (as shown above)
Simply organic ranch packet seasoning (my personal fave)
Cinnamon and agave- You can't resist and will eat the whole sheet. Mark my word. 


Go ahead and try these! I find that they match perfect with a turkey burger, BBQ, Fish and "fries". Any meal, I store any leftovers in a plastic bag and take them with me on the go! They are delish! 

Q. Yams? or Sweet Potato?
Its a "sweet" potato.  Yams sure but only on thanksgiving will I ever refer to them as such.

Q. What is a kitchen gadget you can't live without?
Mine is currently my new knive.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmm sweet potato fries- SO good! Nothing like them- especially when they're a little crispy. Love the how to. Sorry to hear about the delay- hope they get everything fixed quick. I need my magic bullet.

  2. i'll have to give it another try. for some reason mine never turn out. :(