Monday, April 27, 2015

New Workout & Upcoming Races

Hey guys! I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend!

Did you guys check out Ashley’s Turkey Burgers she posted last week? I made them yesterday and oh my goodness, they were a huge hit with the family!

Seriously, AMAZING.

I have a good workout for you to hit off your week with sweaty start, then you can celebrate with a burger.

We have a workout at GPP that has tabatas with a run and we love it. Here is another for you!


My sister and I headed to my favorite trail run last week. I recently got some new solomon trail running shoes! Truth be told I never have been a big fan of trail shoes until now. I think they are just so heavy and I just haven’t invested money into trail shoes because I do most of my runs on the road, and would retire my road shoes into trail shoes. Now, that I finally got these, I love them. I didn’t slip once!  Because I’m so accident prone, these shoes made for a worry free, fast trail run.

Trail shoes meet dirt.

You know when you get new shoes, you tend to take care of them and not get them dirty for awhile… That is not the case for trail shoes. I may of cringed just a little bit.. I love clean shoes and am usually so OCD with new shoes for awhile.

My sister helped me get over it quickly by telling me that new shoes=  new adventure. -> So true!

Get out. Get dirty!

Race season is here! I have a few races I have my eye on this year.

  • Red Rock relay Moab -> Ran this last year 18 weeks pregnant!
  • Ogden Half. -> First race post baby!
  • Drop 13 
  • Star Valley Half Marathon
  • South Davis Labor Day Tri
  • Bear Lake Brawl Olympic
  • St. George Marathon—>if I get picked in the lottery. If not I will do Big Cottonwood Marathon or Utah Valley.

What races are on your schedule this year?

Anyone else have new shoe OCD?