Monday, April 13, 2015

8 Trail Tips

Oh Happy Monday!

I hope you are off to a great start this week! I apologize for my absence here on the the blog! If you follow me on instagram you are getting all the good stuff. It has just been busy busy! We had a great spring break and now we are getting back into our routines!

I have some exciting/BIG news for you guys coming up at the end of this week! You're going to love it!

Today I want to give a refresher about TRAIL Running!


The snow is melted the trails are clear and it is time to get back in the mountains!

I don’t know if I have ever told you guys this, but I LOVE running the trails verses the road.. I have been doing more road/treadmill lately just because of having to train with my new babe. (Who is now 6 months old!) But I’m seriously CRAVING a good trail run. I belong in the mountains I’m sure of it.

Here are my top 8 tips about hitting the trails.

TRAIL RUNNING SHOES: Trail shoes are important. You could run the trails in your nice road running shoes but you are putting yourself at a higher risk for slipping and falling. Trail shoes are thicker and have more tread for stablity than your average road running shoe. They should fit snug on your heel but have some room up in your toes.  Take care of them. They are meant to get DIRTY. They will get dusty and muddy. Be sure to clean your shoes, take out the insoles spray them and then stuff them with paper towels.


trail rules

This is the common known trail law. Hikers yield to horse, bikers yield to runners. Although if I’m running and a mountain biker is coming up the trail, I will get out of the way for them. Biking up hill is rough.. and if they have to dismount their bike because of me, I feel really bad.. I also scoot over to the side when they are flying down the hill too.. so really.. I think this needs to be revised. Ha! I’ve never had a bad experience/problem on the trail with others, just be mindful of everyone.

If you go running with your dog make sure to double check if dogs are allowed on that specific trail.

NOT EVERY TRAIL IS THE SAME: Every trail is different and some may branch into different ones so make sure to double check your trail map so you know your on the right track.

SLOW DOWN: Trail running is a bit riskier than road especially when your heading down hills. Depending on the terrain you need to adjust your pace. What usually takes you an hour for a 6 mile run may take you up to an hour and a half to get through on a trail so time accordingly. Keep your eyes 3 feet in front of you at all times to avoid tripping. You will be switching gears throughout the trail so just be mindful of your step.

Carry Water: You never know when you need it. There are no water fountains on most trails, some get lucky with a fresh spring but the majority don’t, so to avoid dehydration make sure to have water with you. I use a running belt that has a water bottle on it that is great and I can also carry my phone in the pocket. THIS is a great one.

Trail Accessories: Not all trails are shaded so you may need sunscreen, don’t forget your lips!! A chap stick with an SPF can help prevent fever blisters. You may also want some bug repellent depending on the area, also a pair of gators to put around your ankles if your on a super dusty trail it can keep the dust, small rocks out of your shoes. Sunglasses or a hat are great to have too. You could also benefit from a head lamp! Cell phones aren't the greatest source if light on the trail.. Trust me.. I know! So if your headed out before the sun comes up or you know you may be wrapping it up in the dark, strap a light to your head. Now, you're lookin hot. 

Don’t wear headphones: I love listening to music while I’m running but after a few trail runs I found out that it prevented me from hearing people coming up behind me. So take them out and focus on your feet and surrounding.

Go with a friend or 6! There is safety in numbers right? Plus it helps with the whole NO music thing..


Get outside and enjoy your backyard. It is always worth it.

Have fun out there.