Sunday, June 30, 2013

Trail run & Decorating


This weekend was packed.

We had a fun Friday afternoon hanging out at the pool!


Which quickly lead to nap time..

T & B are getting a little better in the water but still a little hesitate. It was a little chaotic at the pool, all the kids running around are little nutty. I was actually a little disappointed at the rec center.. There were way to many kids running wild and a lot of older kids just push and shove toddlers into the water, to get them out of their way and butt in line to go down the slide. It was crazy.. either that or I’m just an over protective mom.

After naps and coaching a night class we headed up to another family reunion. It was up at Jolleys Ranch, which is about an hour drive from our house. The kids played and the adults chatted. Nothing exciting, but fun to talk with my SIL’s.


Saturday I taught my normal Body Pump class and then headed out with the girls for another trail run. We did the same trail we did on my Birthday, just backwards.

My sister Heather came this time! It was fun having her there.


I love having a group of girls to run with! They are all amazing and great friends. I teach pump till 10 am on Saturdays and they offered to wait till I could go with them despite the fact we would be running in 100 degrees.. I love them. We did wear our camel backs so we had water and even a little snack.


We saw a few snakes… It was over 100 degrees while we were doing this trail and the snakes like to bake out on the trail! Can you spy the little slither?

We started at the bottom of the North Canyon trail and made our way to elephant rock!


Then down the Mueller Park trail. It is about 10 mile with 2900 ft elevation gain.


It has been really dry here the last few weeks.. I look like this after every trail run. Its dirty business.

I actually went into a furniture store like this.. haha! Brent and I have been saving money to do a little redecorating and finally got enough to go and pick some things out! I ordered a few tables and spent a lot of time trying to find rugs and such.

Today started off with a little fun run. My SIL Janey came with me! She just got new running shoes and wanted to break them in. We did a quick 5k before heading to church. It felt awesome to get up early and move a little.

I wore my Wave Sayonaras and she wore Brookes Ghost.

I am in love with these shoes! I could go for a pair of orange ones.. Winking smile

It was hot outside already when we went and I came in dripping! Does anyone start sweating even more after you stop?? I seriously looked like I just got out of the shower!

A nice cold shake sounded perfect!


I am sure that the only way to drink a protein shake is with a chill pipe!

A chill pipe is a metal straw. They are my FAVORITE! You can pick them up at your local 7-11 gas station. Winking smile

Bee woke up shortly after I walked in the door.

Yes, she has marker all over her.. little nugget had one in her crib?? I have no clue how..she takes her purse to bed so I’m guessing it was in there. You think the art work on her legs is good? You should see her crib. Its washable so it came off easy.


After church today, Brent and I got to work organizing the play room . AKA. the toy pit.

I should of taken a before pic.. It was insane. I was surprised I never actually lost a kid down there! Winking smile

I ended up with 4 bags of toys to donate. Feels good to declutter a bit!

Brent also went and picked up our new rug!!


I love it and I can’t wait till I get my new tables! I don’t think of myself as a decorator. I have no interior design skill and can’t put things together for my life.. but I think it looks pretty good!


I also got some new drapes. I love how they brighten up the room! I had dark brown ones before..

I also cleaned out the fridge, swept, mopped, and did laundry!

Productive Sunday! Now, it’s time for a little R & R!

Night Y’all.

What is something fun you did this weekend?