Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Its just Wednesday


I swear by 3 o’clock this afternoon it was already Thursday. Ha!

We had a busy day today, which had us on the go from the moment we woke up, but it was a great day and those are always the best!

I started this morning coaching this workout, and then tackled it myself before it got too hot outside!


I love tabata workouts and I especially loved this one because of the runs! My core was sore from the weighted sit ups yesterday and my legs are from the box jumps! Overall, it was exactly what the title says.. Rough.

After the gym, I took the kids to the grocery store with me. When I got home and was putting things away, I discovered a few things that I didn’t quite intend on purchasing..

T & B were pretty sly… those kid carts may need to accidently disappear..

We came home, unloaded groceries and headed straight to the splash pad for lunch and for some fun!

I grabbed these little odwalla juice boxes for the twinners and they loved them!!


I’m a fan of these sweet little boxes. No added sugars, 100% juice and they have a little thicker “smoothie” texture. They were on sale at smiths so I grabbed 4 for $5 but that is still a little steep.. I’ll make my own.. later.

We also snacked on one of my favorite summer treats.

After the splash pad the twins were tuckered out and went right down for their naps!

My MIL law watched the kids while I went out for another trail run!

From GPP main site:

“GPP is kicking off its summer endurance series again.  This is where we all meet at HQ at an agreed upon time/place and storm a trail run together.  All trail runs are "out & back," so anyone, at any fitness level, can join in and go at their own pace. “


Each week we will tackle a different trail either on foot or bike! So if your local, keep an eye out on the GPP mainsite (I will also post it here.) All the details for each week!

This is going to be fun!

Get out and use your fitness.

You can expect to sweat, laugh and check out amazing views like this.


You may also experience a nice dirt “tan”! 


After the run today we had dinner at my MIL’s. Her birthday is the same week as mine so we celebrated our birthdays over dinner!

I snacked on some watermelon and corn while waiting for the chicken to be done. I’m convinced watermelon is the best tasting thing after a dusty trail run.

Then loaded my plate with salad and a big piece of chicken!

Tomorrow I’m planning on getting an early run in!

Time for bed!

Chicken, Fish or pork?

Favorite Salad Dressing?

Do you have a favorite trail run?

Have you ever “accidently” bought something?