Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day

We had a great Fathers Day Weekend.

After GPP and Body Pump on Saturday we headed to Antelope Island for a family reunion.

It was Brent’s family reunion that they only have every 4 years, there was lots of fun activites to do and a buffet lunch. We got there late so missed lunch but had a fun time playing croquet and frisbee golf.



On our way home from antelope island we decided that it would be fun to go golfing! Brent has been playing golf a lot this year and I really have never played golf.. so we headed to the driving range to practice.



I’m not so good… but didn’t do to bad with the driver!

The kids did great and had fun running around collecting balls. Except for this one time they ran OUT ONTO the driving range…. eek!! There were only a few golfers hitting, but it was still pretty entertaining to see me running out after them.


They went to time out after that. You can tell they felt really bad about it..

Today started nice and later then normal. We all slept in till 9am. -AMAZING.

I have no pics of breakfast because it was a hectic morning due to our late alarm, or lack there of.

After a church service we headed to my dads house for a BBQ.


Happy Fathers day Daddy-o!


Happy Fathers Day to this guy too. Words cannot begin to express my love for this man. He is such an amazing father. He is my rock and I consider myself pretty lucky to have him by my side.

Baylee drew this picture of him today..


Not to shabby for a two year old! I love the eyebrows!

We spent the rest of the evening going on a little drive up the canyon.

Bountiful really is a beautiful place.


It was such a wonderful weekend!



Happy Fathers Day to all those studs out there.

DO you Golf?

How often do you have a family reunion?