Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Gift Guide for the Runner.

Christmas shopping can be a little daunting every year. I, for one love giving gifts but I DO NOT enjoy buying gifts to just get a gift. Do you know what I mean? I like to put some thought into my gifts and get the person something they will really use throughout the year instead of a gift without meaning that I just bought because I had to.
So for all of you that have a runner in the family or fitness enthusiast, here are a few ideas to help you out. You may even find a few things that you want to add to your wish list!
*Please note: These are not in any particular order and each item I recommend is not affiliated with the blog and I am not getting paid to “advertise” any one item. They are simply things I enjoy and love from personal experience and or lust.
1. Sleeves!! Zensah sleeves are compression sleeves. Which help circulation and aid in recovery.
Calf sleeves
2. Lulu tank, sweater, jacket, wunder unders is something you can NEVER go wrong with. Little pricier so make sure you really love that person. Because you may bring tears to their eyes.
Active Strength Tank
3. Medal display hangers!
I found these on etsy via pinterest and realized how awesome it would be to have all my medals hung neatly and not on the corner of my dresser mirror… I also think it would be an easy DIY project and your gift receiver would be oober impressed.

4. Running gloves
I can’t tell you enough how much I love wearing gloves in the winter/fall when running. I hated finishing a long run and not being able to use my fingers to get my car key out of an itty bitty pocket to get in my car and blast the heat.. I have under armor ones that I love but these are similar!

5. Books-Intense dedicated runners like to read about running.. its about as addicting as actual running is.
So get them a subscription to my favorite running magazine. It’s the gift the just keeps on giving!! Right now they have a special.. $9.97 for 12 months.. SIGN ME UP! *hint hint hubby lub.

or a book about running (there is like a zillion)

6. Book a massage! Now, a sports massage would be in the top of all gifts to get ANY athlete, lazy person, grandparent, spouse etc.
Massages should be a weekly thing really.. If I had the finances I know I would!!
7. Running Socks- Yes, they exist and once you run in high quality running socks you will never go back to the 10 pack from costco ever, ever again.
And I know its kind of going to be kind of silly to actually give someone socks for Christmas.. but your runner-gift-receiver person will appreciate you greatly.. and think about you every time they slip on their special running socks.

Hopefully, that gave you some stellar ideas on what to get the runner in the fam or even maybe surprise yourself with a little somethin, somethin.
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  1. Great list! Lulu lemon clothes are on the top of my list :D

  2. you should add a running skirt to that list :) I got my dad some of those calf sleeves for christmas, his legs always ache after standing all day at work so i think they will really help him!