Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today I will mark as successful!

Today, I feel as if I found balance. Life comes fast, it doesn’t slow down for anyone or anything. Then once you feel as if you are comfortable BAM something throws it into a spiral and you get off your groove. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a major event it could be something simple. Either way, you feel as if your spread thin and you simply just go through the movements of everyday life.

Some nights I lay in bed feeling as if I did nothing today. Although, it was a CRAZY day and I feel as if I never stopped moving. My house looks like a war zone, my babies went to bed in their onsies because I was just to tired to put pajamas on, nothing on my to-do list was checked off and I just felt overwhelmed and defeated.


Now I’m sure we all have days like this. We ALL do.

I woke up this morning with a new attitude. A determination. I won’t let any comment from someone eat away at me, or a negative thought of what I can’t do reflect on the rest of the day. I woke up wanting to just SUCCEED at the things that describe me. 


Success to me is completing a 5 mile run with a under 8 minute pace (PR!!)because its been to long.


Success is choosing to have a egg scramble for breakfast instead of a giant bowl or 3 of reese’s puffs

Success is having that one member at the gym come up to me and giving me a big sweaty hug because today I made fitness “FUN” for her.


Success is setting a new PR at the gym.

Success is playing and admiring my two little babes as they laugh and learn.


Success is having such a strong and supportive spouse that I know will stand by me no matter how bad I smellWinking smile.

My success is more then completing a TO-DO list. Its about finding that balance, its hard work, dedication, pushing through the suck and enjoying life as it comes.  So screw negative thoughts and feelings and things that you feel you “should” of done make a list of what you DID accomplish because even the little things are GREAT things.

Q. What did you succeed at today?


  1. Amen! Rocking job on the pr. I succeeded at teaching an awesome attack class, getting through a couple mini projectS at work, bathing the dog, spending quality time with friends and family

  2. Thanks for this post Candice. I think we all get stuck in that Rut sometimes. I know I do all too often. I work 40 hours a week to put my husband through school and never get anything done at my house because I just want to hang out and cuddle with my toddler when I get home. It's easy to look past what I did all day even if I feel like I didn't get my list completed. Thanks for your suportive words.

  3. Good for you! Love the cartoon pic.

  4. What a great post! Success are the small hurdles that come at us everyday! Love your attitude!

  5. Way to go on the PR!!! You are AMAZING!!!

    Today I succeeded at having a better swim time than I thought because I haven't done weights consistently lately. It's still not my best swim time, but better than I expected.