Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chocolate Raspberry Pie

First off, I just want to say thank you for all the support from my last post! Your comments and love mean SO much and I only want to be a positive example and support to all of you! I hope that you can look to me for any advice, nutrition or fitness advice. I want you to reach your goal, because we all deserve to be in a happy place and comfortable in our own skin.
For the last week we have been out of protein (SHOCKER) I have been very patient waiting for it to arrive. GUESS what was left on my door step today?
YES! I think the UPS guy thought I was a little crazy for the little jig I did.
What do you think I did next?
I whipped up the smoothie I had been dreaming about.
Chocolate Raspberry Pie Shake

  • 1.5 C. Almond Breeze Vanilla (unsweetened)
  • 1/2 C. Fresh/Frozen Raspberries or more..
  • 1 tbs unsweetened  cocoa powder
  • 1 Scoop Whey Rich Chocolate Protein
  • 1/4 C. Gluten-free Oats
  • handful of spinach + (gotta get my greens!)
  • Ice depending on how much you like 7 ish usually does it for me.
  • Pinch of Xanthan gum/ gaur gum ->optional: These are just thickners that you can purchase at your local grocery store/health food store.
A smoothie has never tasted so good!


Lunch today was quick!

3 Turkey Muffins, Green beans, Apple and Greek yogurt to dip it in.Winking smile (Its been a LOOONG time since I have had greek yogurt.. lets hope my belly gets along with it.) Either way.. it was delicious.

*Not pictured-- Pre-Workout I had the normal half banana with a TBS (give or give some more) of Almond Butter—(Its an obsession really.) X2
Was Breakfast..Brinner?
Brinner is well welcome in my house! I snacked on our last chicken breast earlier today so Eggs it was!
Bowl-o-egg scramble
Not pretty I know.
5 egg whites, a little onion, broccoli, sweet potato, green beans, spinach, garden tomato—> I’m going to miss these when the snow comes! ( I don’t joke around with my veggies!) Seasoned with a little Mrs. Dash!
*Note: This is not ALL I ate. I do not post everything I eat. There is one to many finger dips of AB and snacking of my kids leftovers that easily go unaccounted forWinking smile I’m thinking about starting  a What I Ate Wednesday? What do you think? Would you be interested?
RUN THE RACK- once again! This workout made me SORE last week.. In a good way of course. This week I was able to go up the rack a little farther! Whoo hoo! This is a great muscle building workout!
Taught Body Pump - LOVING release 79 so far! I love how different it is and I feel as if it is a little more challenging then past releases!
Q. What is your favorite type of protein powder? Brand? Flavor?
I usually keep it safe with Vanilla and Rich Chocolate by Dymatize Elite Whey. It’s the best tasting I can find and mixes well. But if anyone has a promising protein flavor that would please my taste buds I’m game to switch it up. Winking smile


  1. Let's compete together! Of course we'll be in different height classes so we won't technically be against each other ;) you'd look beautiful up on that stage!
    I always enjoy reading about what u ate, gives me fresh ideas on eating clean!
    What almond butter do u like?
    I also like dymatize elite! UPS man? Where do u get your protein?

  2. Smoothie sounds great! I still havent tried oats in mine. Favorite protein optimum nutrition ! Yes, 79 is awesome

  3. I love your blog! Such great workouts and recipes! Thanks for telling us about it last night in body pump. I will definitely be back!

  4. That smoothie looks like one I will definitely be making in the near future. I love your recipes. I've never used protein powder. I usually add a little chia seeds or flax to my smoothies instead.

  5. Love your blog! I try to eat every 2-3 hours (a protien and a fruit or clean carb) but work 8-5. I am getting sick of the same things, do you have any suggestions on things easy to pack or quickly prepare while at work?? I love all of your smoothie ideas but I can't take my blender to work. (darn it) :)

  6. I saw the last comment before it had been deleted. It made me feel bad, but I admit that I have had thoughts along the same lines. I was employed as a therapist in an ED treatment center for many years, and although you are definitely considered HEALTHY, I tend to think you do label foods good and bad (even though you try to convince otherwise). It is true that you can "eat clean" and that it is best for your body, but it IS considered an ED when you work out more than once a day and beat yourself up over foods you did/didn't eat. Just speculation, but this post seems to have 3x the amount of food shared in it, and it's hard not to assume that is because you are now trying to "show us" that you DO eat. I know you eat, and I actually think you are very healthy, like I said, but it also seems like you are a bit.... what's a good word..... too dedicated. There is a fine line between being healthy and being obsessive. Just be careful about letting yourself restrict too many things too often. :)

  7. Candice, I think you're doing a GREAT JOB! Keep up whatever it is you're doing because we know that you don't post every single meal that you eat. just because you blog does not mean everyone needs to know exactly what you eat and do!

  8. I wonder what type of shape/fitness level the first anonymous poster with the long comment is in? Please let us know.

  9. To the commenter with the long anonymous post. Who says that its an eating disorder "ED" if you work out more than once a day? Doesn't seem like there would be any proof to back it up. Where did you work as a therapist? What do you think of manual laborers? They don't work out more than once a day they are working out ALL DAY LONG. PS, I'm a manual laborer on the commercial construction in Salt Lake. And yes I follow Candice's website.

  10. I love oats in my protein shakes, makes it thicker! (Insert dirty joke here.) I use Optimum Whey, but I keep seeing that Dymatize Elite brand in my Oxygen magazines and think I need to make the switch!

  11. Anonymous - Yours is one of the weakest and most chicken-hearted comments I have ever read. No therapist I have ever known would have made such a broad and general comment. Are you supposing to "diagnose" Candice? Based on what? This blog? If so, YOU are NO professional. Neither are you an expert.