Thursday, November 19, 2015

5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

The Holidays are well under way and with Thanksgiving coming up next week and if your family is just as dysfunctional as mine you probably have more than one Thanksgiving meal planned.

I love this time of year and I think it should be 100% enjoyed! Too many women make up “rules” for themselves during the holidays to keep them in check. I have to say I used to be the one to make up some strict, ridiculous expectations of my holiday meals/parties.

This year I refuse to have any rules. BUT I will be keeping in check! Here are my favorite tips to avoid weight gain through this time of year!


1. Don’t “SAVE” your calories. BALANCE THEM!

Calories are made up of macronutrients.




I recommend to you to find a balance of macronutrients that works for you! If you need help feel free to email me and I can help you out. Not everyone has the same macro count. It is completely individual! Apps such as My Fitness Pal or Lose it are great tools for keeping track throughout the day!

By keeping your macros in check daily, you may actually LOSE weight!

2. TRACK your SHIZ.

Part of balancing your Macros is keeping track of everything you eat. You cant eyeball it! You HAVE to measure it! Here is the scale that I have and love, to help with that. I know it sounds tedious and annoying but IT WORKS and is worth it! Especially through the holidays.

3. ENJOY your parties and your time with loved ones.

Family parties are NOT the time to keep track of your macros and quiz your grandmother on every ingredient in her apple crumble. 

In a week you eat up to 30+ times whether it be a meal or a snack throughout the day. Not tracking ONE or TWO meals will not derail your progress and I actually recommend having at least big meal 800+ calories.

There are several benefits to having that cheat meal. Weight loss being the main benefit! NO lie! HERE is a great article to catch up on and get a little educated on. So enjoy the time you have with family and friends. Its not worth the stress of eating “too much”. That is your time to RELAX, so do just that!



Holidays are busy no doubt about that!! Finding time to meal prep can be hard and a tedious 2-3 hour job. But Macro Prep is a little different. You just cook a few things in BULK and BAM you have the main ingredients for your meals throughout the day!

My favorites:

  • In a crockpot put 6 chicken breast on low over night. In the morning shred it and save it!
  • Sunday afternoon bake 6  sweet potatoes/red potatoes/ steam rice and store it in the fridge.

Quick easy sources are minute rice, tuna fish, canned salmon, avocado and hummus packs from Costco, boiled eggs, fruit/veggies that are easy on the go. Protein bars are awesome to have on hand too!

5. Stay Consistent

Workouts at the gym may not be able to happen but you can always get a quick workout at home. Even if its 10-20 minutes make it intense and be consistent!

Here is one of my favorites from GPP fitness:


You got this!


- Candice