Thursday, November 21, 2013

500 rep Workout and Hunger Games.


Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA for two days.. life happens!

Before I give you a re cap of the last two days, I owe you a workout!!

I created this workout on a whim! It is rough but a quick one you can just do at home if you are short on time and need to squeeze in a sweat session. All you need is a jump rope and KB or DB! You pick the weight! I will recommend a 25lb KB.


Let me know if you give it a try!

Here is a demo for a High Sumo


Tuesday Dinner was fantastic!

I made salmon with a little garlic and Mrs. Dash seasoning. Served along side, brown rice, green beans, Kale salad and mushrooms!


After dinner we promised the kids a treat… SAD news.. Red Mango Closed!! Seriously… I’m bummed.


We headed over to yogurt land cause we had promised the kids. But it just wasn’t the same. Red mango will be missed for sure!


Bee and I shared, and Brent and Tanner shared! I did enjoy the toasted coconut though!

Afterward I headed to teach body pump! In case your wondering fro-yo is a perfect pre workout… ha!

Wednesday after work, I did this workout!

A few of my friends went to dinner last night to Z tejas! I had the grilled salmon salad. It was okay, I didn’t love the dressing they used but overall it is a pretty good restaurant with a lot of options.

We also went and watched HUNGER GAMES! I loved the first book, started the second and never finished so I’m glad they made a movie and I liked the movie! I think I cried once… It is worth going! I’m no movie critic, since that is one of the five I have been to in the last three years..


Yes, lulu top would be great to run in the dark in, with reflective like that.

This morning I did GPP’s workout and a body combat class!

For Breakfast I snacked on some Raspberries while my pumpkin eggs were cooking!


I could eat the whole carton I’m sure!


Pumpkin eggs are strange, but suprisingly good! I mix a half cup of pumpkin puree with one cup of egg whites, add cinnamon and vanilla liquid stevia. Then pour it onto a hot skillet, cover it with a lid and let it sit until cooked throughout.


Topped it with some sugar free all natural maple syrup and voila! I like it because it kind of reminds me of a pancake! It totally doesn’t have the texture of a pancake.. (its eggs..) but it is good and really easy and quick to whip up!

Have you guys put up Christmas decorations yet? I want too.

What was your workout today?

Did you read Hunger games??

I read the first, started the second, and now I want to read the third!