Thursday, September 27, 2012

Red Rock Relay 2012

I know it has been a few weeks since Red Rock Relay but I was waiting to share my re-cap until the video came out.. ---We had a videographer hang out with us throughout the race.
So without further ado.. buckle up my friends your in for the review of a lifetime.. Seriously, its long and photo loaded!
Red Rock Relay Zion was pretty great this year! This was my second time doing this race and my third Red Rock Relay. I’m a huge fan of this relay. The race support is amazing and the the folks in charge of this are the bees knees.
We headed out on Thursday morning to help with registration in Cedar city. We got all packed up and ready to go. The back of the Suburban was packed and all the bags strapped down on the roof.
OR so we thought… It only took from zero to sixty until one of the bags flew off the top of the car on the freeway and was hit by a few cars.. I was driving, so I pulled over quick and we called highway patrol. Once we received the bag and gathered as much of her stuff off the side of the freeway we decided it would be best to just take everything off the top of the car..
Great start, eh?
The rest of the trip down was full of fun music, treats and girl talk.
Once we got to registration we got put to work!
We organized cute, awesome, and affordable clothing—seriously I wanted one of everything!! I also helped with and each teams race bags and assisted with check in and any questions that runners had about the race.
We got to bed around 11pm.
The next morning, our start time was 7:30ish. We all headed to the starting line to send of our runner #1. The race starts at 11,000 feet at Brian Head Ski Resort and makes it way through Dixie National Forest.
As runner #1 was running her leg we decorated the burb!
Each of us took on a superhero character- Bat girl, Super girl, Robin, Wonder Woman, Cat girl and Spider girl.
There was a few scooter rides in between legs. ---Next year I’m bringing roller blades..
First Transition DONE!
Wonder Woman powered up a crazy hill known to the relay as El Diablo.
It’s a steep climb but a short leg, so we headed to the next exchange to get Robin ready to go!

Off she went.. I won’t blog about each exchange but if you haven’t done a relay race before you pretty much continue to pass off to one of your team mates until you pass off to the next van.
I was the last runner in my van for my first leg and it was absolutely beautiful!! It was pretty hilly and was raining as soon as I got started but it quickly cleared up and was perfect! I couldn’t of asked for better weather! Running through Cedar Breaks was amazing!

After I passed off to our van #2 we rested, danced, swam and ate until it was time for us to meet with the other van to start our 2nd legs. It was about 11pm, when we started running. The night run was my shortest leg 4.7 and it was a great run, I am always surprised how great I feel when I am running at 2 am? 

I have no idea why my hair is crazy..

I get a little lazy at night with picture taking.. Sooooo, that is that for those legs.

To start off our last legs we decided to go ALL out. I mean we ARE professional relay runners and we don’t hesitate to dress up when needed.

Our friends had a hotel room and let us go clean up and dress up for our last legs.

When we got to the exchange, we immediately felt like Disney characters. We took pictures with everyone and cheered on the runners coming into the exchange.

This is my friend Marly, she lives in my neighborhood and just started running last year, has lost a bunch of weight, and now is addicted with the rest of us crazies! I love seeing her reach her goals and having her around in the relays!
I picked up an extra leg or half of a leg, one of our runners wasn’t feeling to well so super woman and spider girl covered her leg.

My last leg was 6.2! (which served as my longest training run for the marathon..)
Some folks use Gels, Jelly beans, or Gatorade—my supers use ice cream popsicles and Diet coke.SmileOh, and swedish fish. I know Janae would agree with that!
It felt great to be done! Once all the other superfits were done running we waited, slept, showered and got ready at my MIL condo in St. George, UT for the other van to make it to the finish!
206237_4538853751719_1763417559_n (1)
560945_4538853991725_707702145_n (1)
Neil was the DJ/announcer/cool guy talkin’ at the finish.
There was even a slip n’slide at the finish!
We wrapped up the race in 28:34. Relays are not competitive to me at all. They simply are a good time! I had all my girls and we enjoyed supporting, cheering and laughing at each other all weekend.
You finish this race at Zion's National Park. Seriously, could it be any more amazing?
Here is the Video to wrap it all up!

I hope to see you guys at a Red Rock Relay next year! The cool thing about RRR is that they have one day relays! I did Moab this year and next year they will have two more ONE day relays if the two day thing isn’t your thang. Relays ARE for everyone! They are
Come run with me!
This week has been full of tough workouts and big things happening! I’ll fill you all in tmrw.
Have a great day or night..
PS. Don’t anyone dare say anything about Greys Anatomy.. I haven’t watched it yet! Can’t wait!!


  1. Holy hotness! Loved your costume!! Great job chica!

  2. Girl, you rocked it- the race and that costume!!! Congrats :D

    Anddd, you ABSOLUTELY have to watch Grey's- this season is going to be gooood!!!

  3. Nice job Candice! Loved the recap! Looks like you girls had a blast! I loved the costumes too! :)