Monday, April 16, 2012

Texas de Brazil

Brent and I had a night out on the town on Saturday to celebrate the last working weekend of tax season! Today was the deadline, so I hope you got your taxes done. excuse me while I celebrate YAHOOOOOO!!! Done and DONE! Now, just for that little masters degree he is going for can be done….

We headed out to Texas de Brazil, a new restaurant that recently opened at City Creek (a new mall in SLC). It was Brents first time to the mall so I made sure to give him the proper tour of my favorite stores before heading to the restaurant. After browsing through a few stores we were ready to eat.


We found the restaurant quickly and expected to wait a little bit since it was prime dinner time (7pm) but as soon as we walked in they took us right to our seat! We were quickly greeted by our waitress and given a quick introduction to the restaurant. I was pleased to discover that they receive top of the line meat from the mid west that is all grass-fed! Texas de Brazil is a Brazilian steakhouse, it pretty much is a all you can eat! Salad bar and Meat. Lots and lots of meat.

Our waitress promptly took our drink order, and instructed us that we may start on the salad bar. I was very impressed with the salad bar! It was different from other Brazilian steakhouses that I have been to. There was not only salad but smoked salmon, sushi, steamed asparagus, roasted red and yellow peppers, bacon, pastrami, fine cheeses (goat cheese and mozzarella balls the size of my fist.)  Sticking with paleo I opted out of the cheeses and was very happy that this restaurant was right up the paleo alley.


Round 1


Arts of Palm, artichokes, smoked salmon, asparagus, tomato topped on a bed of romaine lettuce.

I was one happy girl.

Each table is served hot mashed potatoes, Cheese balls, and fried bananas to clean your palate. They keep them hot and coming till you don’t want anymore.


You flip this little disc to green when you want meat to come to your table.


And red you think you’ve had enough


There are multiple servers running around with different cuts of meat. We tried out several kinds of meat and enjoyed most of them.


Flank steak, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, garlic chicken, top sirloin, pork loin, chicken sausages, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, chicken drumsticks, brisket, and so many.. My favorite was the flank steak! Brent loved the top sirloin with their special marinade but wasn’t a fan of chicken parmesan.

I was overall impressed with our service, my water was kept full, but Brents DC was ignored.. the manager came over to check on us and our waitress kept her eye on us and was good about taking our plates and such.

We were offered dessert, that all looked delicious but we were so full there was NO room for dessert.

We had a coupon for buy one get one free that we came to find out they don’t honor on Saturdays.. oomph. (read the fine print)

Texas de Brazil offers buy one get one free meals on Birthdays and a discount on anniversary's. BONUS! But… not on Saturdays. We were unaware obviously so the manager kindly gave us 10% off and extended our coupon for a week.


  • Great Service
  • Delicious food
  • All you can eat.
  • Clean, great atmosphere.


  • You pay the price. It is $43 a plate! I’m not made of mula, so it will definitely be a once a year, special occasion.. birthday with coupon kind of deal.
  • Soft serve drinks are $5 which was never refilled?
  • We had a great experience and enjoyed everything but the bill. 


Best part was I got to spend some one on one time with this guy..


There are several locations, I highly recommend this restaurant, high quality, high quantity. Just expect to scrimp for food the rest of the week after paying the bill.

Q. Do you prefer quality over quantity or quantity of quality?

Q. What is the most you have ever paid for a meal?