Monday, September 12, 2011

Red Rock Relay 2011

oh hi, my name is candice. Have we met? It was a loooong weekend of no computer and or cell phone service at times. So I'm sorry,  I failed at blogging this weekend. I was doing my 3rd and last relay of the summer.

 I was with 5 of the most amazing women I know.  Let me introduce you to my team..

Wendy, me, Amy, Janalynn, Amanda and Nikki

Running 186 miles...give or take. ;) This relay was a blast and you couldn't of asked for better company. This relay started at Brian Head ski resort and ended at Zions National Park in Utah. The weather went from warm, to pelting hail, snow and thuder storms with heavy rain to blazing hot. You name it.. we ran through it.
We ran hard and played even harder!
Here are some fun pics from the weekend!
Run GPP style.




This is after my midnight run!

To the finish...

Matt the director of the race loves us.. just sayin.

Were DONE!!

GPP Ladies at the finish.

Loved the race but I love these ladies even more!

What a great way to wrap up this racing season.  If you haven't done a relay before you need to get in on this business. They are just plain fun. And if all my photos aren't convincing enough for you, check out this youtube video! "It will be fun".

More pics from the relay to come.. These are the only ones I have on hand right now.. hopefully I got some of us actually running?? haha! 

It feels great to be back and now that summer is almost over hopefully life will slow down a bit as the cold weather approaches. After a great weekend it feels good to be home and back into the "normal routine". 
But you know the worst part... the Mt. Everest of Laundry I have to tackle.. wish me luck. (Part of me would rather run the entire relay..then do laundry.)


  1. I so want to do one of these!!! The planking pic is my fav!

  2. have to admit i lost a litttttttttle bit of respect on this one.

  3. Congrats- that's awesome! The pictures look like it was a beautiful route!

  4. That looks like so much fun! I absolutely love the planking pic.

  5. I love all of the fun pictures! Your muscles are amazing : )

  6. Love this Post! looks like you all had a great time! thanks for sharing!