Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Seriously. its MAY... & yes, it snowed!! Actually.. it rained.. then snowed. then the sun finally came out. But it was still cold...  I'm more than ready for a little summer fun! Instead I'm drinking hot pro-co and snuggling running around inside dreaming of summer. Which actually you would think would give me more time to be creative in the kitchen.. But its been quite the opposite..  I have hardly been in my kitchen.. why you ask? I have one baby over here....

and one baby over here.....

But being 10 months old.. We love them more then anything.. 

Crawling, busy, & happy babies lead to eating the same breakfast...
                                                       egg scramble- 5 egg whites, spinach, broccoli, & red peppers. 

and the same lunch...

 Spinach salad: IN the mix, spinach, chicken, 1/2 sliced apple, brussel sprouts, green beans, drizzeled with balsamic dressing. 

and same dinner...

Protein shake: 1 scoop vanilla elite protein, 1 Cup Almond milk, ice, pinch of xanthan gum & handful of spinach with some almonds

and even dessert.. 

Brownies (boxed gluten free) with some fro-yo. 

What? You know you want some to.  Guaranteed I have burned off the additional calories chasing my little bundles around. :)
Please note: this is not ALL that I consumed.. I'm not counting the banana with almond butter, multiple handfuls of almonds, peach, and the significant amount of  chocolate chips  and whatever else that made their way to my mouth today ;)
this girl has got to eat.. 

New Recipe tomorrow though! Promise! 

Tonight I went to a dance concert at a local high school with my sister..

 It was amazing, I love the talent, choreography and strength of the dancers. It made me miss dance and reminded me of my high school days. 

Sorry high school friends who read this blog and are in these following photos.. do I have your permission to post them??  okay thanks. 
ps. pictures of pictures that loaded sideways?!.. not awesome.. but see if you can spot me. 

Going to dance concerts really makes me want to bust out my splits when I get home.. Can I still do them. h to the no. But now I have a new goal to stretch till I can. 

Have a good night!! 

Q. Do moments like that ever just make you miss high school? 
call me crazy.. but yes. 


  1. Snow?! That is pure craziness. Hope it warms up for you soon. Love seeing the pictures of your cuties. mmm that smoothie looks yummy. I grew up dancing and cheerleading too! Moments like that do make me miss high school a bit. have a good one

  2. yeah utah is crazyyyyycakes. um 10 months is the bEST age. Its nuts chasing after one, but two?? you are amazing. my friend is about to have twins in a few months, and I mentioned your blog to her... any advice for someone having their first babies as twins??

  3. red sox wife-- thank you! How exciting for your friend!! My best advice is to just make sure she gets them on a schedule- Feed them at the same time. Burp them. Change them and back to sleep. She will find her own groove like every mom ;) tell her congrats!

  4. Candice...I cant tell you how BAD I wish I could eat like that...it all sounds good! I'm just lazy when it comes to cooking the veggies, pulling out my magic bullet and figuring out how to use it and all that. Ha ha I guess I can I'm just lazy! I envy you :) love ya!