Thursday, July 11, 2013

This may not be my weekend but it’ll be my year

Hey guys!

Hope your having a great week!

My two favorite kids have a birthday coming up on SUNDAY!! I can’t believe these twinners will be 3!


I have half marathon this Saturday, I just dived into a new marathon training plan this week also! I’m really excited about it. Its combining endurance training with GPP workouts. I could go on with how GPP has influenced and improved my running, and overall endurance. Heck, I even ran a marathon off of GPP training only.  I don’t simply want to run the race to finish, I want to run the race against myself. I want a PR. When Neil, the owner of GPP formulated this new endurance plan I jumped on board.

I am more of a recreational runner. I run for fun.

I love relays with my friends


I love trail running


But I also love proving to myself I can do better then I did before.

This plan is different from any other plan I have followed. I pay attention to my heart rate, which I have never done. It will help me to see how I improve and make sure I don’t over train. Its hard but I’m feeling determined!

I even got a new fun toy!


My last one had this issue… right after I took it off the charger…


The battery was always low and has been finicky for awhile.

My half this saturday is The Star Valley Half!


I’m excited to run it because its one that I  had registered for last year but the night before the race I decided not to do it due to a quad injury I had. Brent actually ran it!


I’m excited to run in the country!


It is a beautiful half! I have 2 of my cousins running this year as well! It will be both of their first halves!

Because I am just at the beginning of my training plan I’m instructed to keep my heart rate at a certain exertion during the race. SO I won’t be pushing it this weekend and probably won’t PR but I can feel my PR coming in my marathon distance and that’s what I’m working for! This may not be a PR weekend but its going to be a PR year!

Not to mention, we get to go up to my families cabin (my favorite place on earth) for the weekend!


Now to get everyone packed, teach boot camp and get the house in order before I leave tomorrow!

Peace out.

Do you pay attention to your heart rate?

What is your next race?